Caseaholic interviews JMONA a Caseaholic at heart!

Caseaholic interviews JMONA a Caseaholic at heart! JMONA is a tech / case reviewer that has quite a following of fans through her Twitter Page, YouTube Channel, Switcheasy Facebook Fan Page and her sub-category forum on Howard Forums, dedicated to iPhone accessories.

JMONA, the AKA name she is known by all of her fans, was not always a Caseaholic. We asked JMONA what lead her to be one.

” I have always been into gadgets. Unfortunately, not many of them I owned had options to be customized. I went from a Windows Mobile phone, that I loved dearly, to a Apple iPhone 3G in 2008.”

“After purchasing my Apple iPhone, I started looking for ways to customize my new iPhone 3G. As I was in search for options or ways to customize my iPhone, I found myself overwhelmed and confused with all the variables available, between all the different types of cases, skins, screen protectors, audio attachments and so on.”

“During the course of my search, I came across forum boards. There were not to many discussions and/or answer that I could find. So I decided to create a sub-category forum, dedicated to accessories for the iPhone. This is when my passion emerged within me for finding the right case for me and others.”

“I started buying almost every case I could get my hands on. Then sharing my opinion about the cases I purchased, on my forum board that I created, for others to view. To my surprise, I wasn’t the only one who was struggling, like me, trying to find information about cool products for the iPhone. More and more people started coming to my board in search of information and sharing their experiences and/or reviews with the entire board. The board currently has over 65,000 views and loaded with information, contributed by all the wonderful members and myself.”

How many cases do you own in your collection?

“I have purchased approximately over 100 cases. Many of the cases I purchased had a purpose. For example, I have purchased a cases to match my clothes. Different cases for certain

JMONA's Case Collection Case-Aholic

modes that I am in. I have cases for special occasions. And I have cases that offer different form of protection depending on the activity I am doing.”

How much money would you say you’ve invested in your case collection?

“I have probably spent over $1,200 in the past two years, may be more.

Any last words?

” Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I am very happy I have found a website dedicated to my needs and my official addiction….. If you are a Caseaholic like I am, you are in the right place.”