Skooba Design for Apple iPad Neo-Sleeve

First off, I would like to say that I have never been a person that likes to put my gadgets in a sleeve Sleeve. There have been quite a few I have tried in the past and just didn’t like. After trying the Skooba Design iPad / Netbook Neo-Sleeve I can tell you it has changed my perception of Sleeves in general.

The Skooba Design iPad / Netbook Neo-Sleeve will fit devices with dimensions up to 11”x7.5”x1.5” which is equivalent to a screen size of 10.1” as noted on their website. I was still a bit skeptical and I had to try it to convince my self this is the product I needed for my brand new, soon to be Love of my life, iPad.

Announced at Macworld in February, we shouldn’t have expected anything less from the Skooba Design Team. Having delivered great products for electronic devices in the past, Skooba used the same material used to make wetsuits and They have completely brought a unique taste to their product line with products for the Apple iPad, Netbook and Tablet computers.

This awesome iPad Neo-Sleeve features a front pocket which can be used for storing extra accessories for your iPad or Netbook. No longer do you need to fumble with your power adapter, or pens. It also features a mini USB pocket on the inside of the exterior pocket for your On-the-Go USB thumb drive.

The neoprene is not just padding to protect your iPad, but its also water resistant. This case is very form fitting, which means that the stretchy material will give your case the protection it deserves and won’t move within the sleeve. It’s padded comfort that goes around your device will simply keep your gadgets, good as new, without adding any bulk or weight.

One thing that totally got my attention was it is “Airport Friendly”, I have personally gone through several bags in the past that I had to stop using because of travel hassles. With the Skooba sleeve I don’t have to worry about that anymore. The Checkpoint Screening process is now a breeze with the Skooba Design Neo-Sleeve.

Take it on your trips, for work, school, or even at the beach, its water resistant material and it’s padded protection are here to prove that you can have fun without compromising your gadgets protection in anyway.

The Skooba Neo Sleeve is priced at an affordable $19.95 from the Skooba Design Website.  The Skooba Neo Sleeve and comes in many different colors: Charcoal / Blizzard White, Charcoal / Abyss Black, Charcoal / Deep Ocean Blue and Charcoal / Inferno Red as well as their other iPad / Netbook Products.

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