Macally Metro Link Apple iPad Case Review

I just happened to drop in on some friends that happen to have a few Macally cases for the iPad that will be released in the next few days. They were kind enough to allow me to spend a few minutes and take a quick video and pictures of one of them. I am glad I carry my Flip recorder with me everywhere I go, because today it came in handy.

Macally makes some great products for Apple devices. Their new line of Macally Apple iPad cases is going to be a top contender for one of the better case options. I was able to look at all five of the Macally iPad case models, MetroClear, MetroLink, MetroChrome, MSuit, and Metro Black. Out of all of them, I liked the MetroLink. So that is the one I opened and I am going to share with you.

All of the Macally iPad cases comes in a Plastic box. The box is flimsy but I guess it works to protect the case as it travels from the warehouse to the distributors.

My first impression after removing the Metro Link case from the package was quit surprising. I could not believe the case was as light as it was. I thought this case, just like most iPad cases are going to be heavy and bulky. That is not the issue with the MetroLink Macally iPad case. It is very sleek, lighter than expected, and it feels durable.

The MetroLink case is a hybrid design case. It has a hard frosted clear plastic back and black rubber silicone around the entire edge. Very similar to a Griffin Reveal iPhone case. The back frosted clear plastic felt very durable. Macally was able to design Metro Link iPad case with the right plastic thickness to give it the durability it needs without sacrificing protection and style. There are four small nubs, on the the back center of the Metro Link case, to prevent it from touching the surface and scratches on the back of the case while laying it down. I would take some precaution that the nubs on the back of the Macally MetroLink case does not scratch the surface you are laying your iPad on. For example a very nice wood furniture, desk, and/or table.

The rubber silicone edge did not feel cheap or flimsy. It did have some resilience to it. The rubber Silicone edge will provide you with that extra grip while holding it in your hand. The Power / Sleep and Rocker buttons are covered with the rubber silicone. The rest of the ports are not covered.

Since I did not have an iPad to actually put the case on, I could not tell you how the Macally MetoLink actually fits on the iPad. Once I get my iPad, will add the follow up to the post. Overall, this a great looking case. I would definitely add Metro Link to your list of possible cases for your iPad collection.


MSRP: $29.95