Waterfield Designs SF Bags iPad Slip Case Review

Want great Protection for your iPad without compromising style? SFBags has you covered.

The Team at SFBags.com sent this out for review and i couldn’t be more pleased with this amazing product as it has become one of my favorite accessories for my new Apple Family addition, my  most beloved Apple iPad.
The iPad Slip Case is the perfect case that provides protection while at the same time it cleans your iPad screen, want to hear more?

Its water Proof outer material adds protection against spills and other accidental mishaps. Slide your iPad in and use the handy tab at the bottom to help you ease it back out when you need it.

A choice of six vibrant colors makes your case easy to find amidst the detritus of your bag contents. Sleek, simple, protection. SFBags has you covered.

The price as of this post is a very affordable $29.00, available in 6 vibrant colors Blue, Black, Green, Brown, Silver and Red, a product that wont disappoint and for the price you pay and the plus about this slip case is that you will get the protection you have been longing for your iPad.

Use it inside another Bag, a Laptop Bag or just a normal purse for girls this will be the one product that will protect your iPad from any scuffs you might get along the way.

Visit WaterField for your iPad cases.