Going Dancing’s ShowStopper WristBand Review

Saying how much I love this new accessory is the understatement of the year. What I have right here is an excellent product made by an Australian company called Going Dancing. The Show Stopper, is a Wrist-Designer Bag, that allows you the ability of moving around without worrying about carrying too many things at once in your hands. By letting you store credit cards, drivers license, cards and even a cellphone.

I am an on-the-go Mom, I always have something in my hands and too little grasp to hold everything including holding my little one’s hand, and as much as I love bags, having to carry so many things at once, sometimes gets old. The truth is, that i enjoy the ability of having something handy without having to look deep inside one of those bags to get my phone or my license or even my money when needed.

The ShowStopper gives me that and more, with having my hands free again i can finally say i can head out with a stylish bag that will allow me to have my stuff ready and handy, the Showstopper comes in 41 designs/colors and its available for $49.95 as the time of this posting, comes in excellent packing, and the designs vary for every occasion.

There is Show Stoppers for Men, Women and even Children, for the sports lover, or the party goer, for the student or even for a bride! there is a style for everything, you name it there is one.
My iPhone 4 or my iPhone 3GS fit inside which is a sign that other cellphone brands, Blackberry, HTC or even a Droid fit as well.
So wont you check it out and give it a try?, you might have just found that one accessory you cant live without, now that i have one, i know I wont be able to head out without it, for it has become the savior of my hands : ).

ShowStopper information from their website:

versatile silver Designer Handbag for women or silver wallet for men, the Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper keeps all your essentials safe in compact casual style.
A neat and versatile silver purse for women or silver wallet for guys, the Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper keeps all your essentials safe in compact casual style.
Fixing securely to your left or right wrist with a strong, adjustable buckled strap, this silver purse/wallet fastens tight with the support of three large gold or silver press studs. Inside, two ample pockets at the front neatly store your ID, money and cards; the large centre pouch comfortably holds your mobile or MP3 player; and concealed behind is a zippered pocket to keep your keys, change and extra cash safe.

Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper dimensions:

* Outer dimensions: Length: 120mm, width: 70mm, depth: 30mm

* Strap fits wrist diameter: 180mm to 270mm

* Front money/card pocket: Length: 110mm, width: 30mm

* Second card/ID pocket: Length: 110mm, width: 40mm

* Phone pouch/MP3 pouch: Length: 110mm, width: 60mm, depth: 20mm

* Zippered rear pocket: Length: 80mm, width: 50mm

Front feature and strap buckles: Gold or silver

Made of thick quality nylon with a robust rubber strap and extra-strong nylon stitching, the oh-so-comfy and secure Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper makes a hip and hard-wearing silver purse/wallet.

Last Thoughts:
I tend to head out every time, by grabbing my keys on one hand with my phone, and my little kid’s hand, and on the other; my dog, with my cards and other stuff (Talk about multi-tasking, the joys of Motherhood!) Seriously, you have to do some tweaking to get all this to work, put cards in your back pockets or even your phone, be able to hold a bag too, then you get ready to drive when you realize you’re seating on your phone? Or you get ready to go to a party and you realize you are wearing a dress, it has NO pockets!, you go to the beach, you have nothing to carry your primary stuff with because your hands are full with a surfboard or beach accessories!?
With the Showstopper there is finally a solution to all of these. Trust me, the ShowStopper is here to stay and revolutionize the way you handle your gadgets or your cards and even your money, I absolutely love mine, now that it’s here, there are 41 Designs/colors to choose from, and I’m covered all the way!


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