First Look: M&M® Candy Design Cases by Incipio for Apple iPhone 4 4s

INCIPIO M&M Feather Cases iPhone 4 4s

Any true Caseaholic needs to get there hands on one of these limited edition INCIPIO M&M design candy cases for the iPhone 4 4s. INCIPIO will possibly release the M&M® design style cases for mass production at some point down the line. But for now, hush hush! There are two different M&M style cases with multiple colors options.  You have the M&M® Dotties silicone style case and the very popular Ultra Light Feather case.

INCIPIO M&M Feather Cases iPhone 4 4s

The INCIPIO M&M Dotties design is made out of a durable silicone material with interchangeable dots, which resemble the M&M® candies. This case is an offspring of their previous iPhone 3G 3Gs case, Dotties. Each of the INCIPIO M&M® Dotties design style

INCIPIO M&M Dotties Silicone Case iPhone 4 4s


case comes with extra interchangeable dots. Currently I am only aware of four colors this case comes in, White, Blue, Black and Red. Each of the cases have colored dots that resembles the actual M&M® candy color characters. The dot colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown and Orange. INCIPIO also customized the retail packaging to resemble the M&M® candy theme. I believe this will would be a great case to add to your collection for those moments you want to express your fondness for M&M®. I personally like the green M&M®. What is your favorite?

The second INCIPIO M&M® style case is in their Feather design case. The style is another unique case with a cool design. This case is made with INCIPIO’s very popular Ultra Feather Light case for the iPhone 4 4s. The design on these cases is from the M&M® characters faces. They come in a Green, Blue, Red and Orange. If you are an M&M® fan, but do not like wild looking cases, then this will be the one for you.


UPDATE: The Incipio Feather M&M cases packaging has been updated with to resemble the Dotties packaging.

I believe INCIPIO should mass produce these M&M® Apple iPhone 4 cases and offer them to the public. What do you think? Would you sport one of these on your iPhone 4?

UPDATE: They are in production and available now!

UPDATE: The cases will be available at M&M stores across the United States, as well as, HEB Grocery Stores, located throughout the State of Texas. To learn more about the M&M feather® and dotties® or to purchase online, please visit Incipio at