Google Offers 60% OFF INCIPIO Feather for iPhone 4/4s

Google Offers is having a promotion for 2 Incipio Feather iPhone 4/4s cases at 60% off. This offer comes directly from, which is rare for a manufacture to offer such a deep discount directly to the consumer. The MSRP for each case is $24.99, with this deal you will be getting two for $19.99 and shipping is included.

The Incipio Feather for iPhone 4/4s is a great case if you want something thin (1 mm), light weight,  and with a reasonable amount of daily use protection from scratches and minor bumps. It’s no Otterbox Defender, but hey for the price it is definitely worth adding them to your case collection.

Also, you can find some great deals on, starting at $5.00, plus shipping if you happen to miss out on this Google Offer from Incipio.