INCIPIO Goes Crazy with Canvas Feather Cases for iPhone 4/4s

INCIPIO goes crazy with Canvas Feather cases for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4s. With summer just around the corner, iPhone 4 / 4s users can look forward to an assortment of fashionable case designs to meet anybodies style without sacrificing protection.

The Canvas Feather cases is available in 6 different category collections, Tribal Tech, Yacht club, Color Blockade, Linear Lineage, Mix & Mingle, and Party Animal. Each of the collections present a certain design concept and characteristic Expression. All of them created by Incipio’s world class design team.

The Canvas Feather Tribal Tech case collection rocks a unique pyramid design with two different color options, earthen green or gray.

The Canvas Feather Yacht Club case collection appeals to your inner open sea adventures. With three nautical design prints to choose from you can promote your seafaring spirit.

The Canvas Feather Color Blockade case collection showcases trendy art-deco modern look. There are four color combinations ranging from (pink, green, black), (blue, orange, black), (white, black, blue), and the most vibrant colors of them all is (yellow, hot pink, black).

The Canvas Feather Linear Linage case collection offers sophisticated design with aesthetically pleasing sharp lines and solid colors. Available in seven different options.

The Canvas Feather Mix & Mingle case collection offers an assortment of fun pattern options from basic all black to bright zigzag horizontal lines. A total of six variables available.

The Canvas Feather Party Animal case collection will bring out your wild side. You can now show-off your iPhone 4/4s with a verity of classic wild animal prints while you are on the prowl.

Canvas Feather Features:

  • Form fitting polycarbonate shell
  • Measuring about 1mm in thickness
  • Low profile protection
  • Nylon Canvas Back
  • Custom cutout for full access
  • 2 Surface LCD screen protectors

With over 25 Canvas Feather case print options to choose from, your iPhone 4/4s will be fashionable for the summer. If you’re a Caseaholic like us, you will be able to show off your EXPRESSION, you will have an OBSESSION with so many options and have PROTECTION.