Review Speck Samsung Galaxy S 3 CandyShell Case S III

Speck Samsung Galaxy S 3 Candyshell is a case you should truly consider to wrap your phone around to keep it protected and stylish. The Speck Samsung Galaxy S 3 CandyShell is a dual layer-one piece design case. The outer part of the case is a

hardshell plastic molded together with a rubberized layer for the interior lining. The outer shell protects from daily wear and tear, scratches, and scrapes. The rubberized interior layer offers shock absorption to protect against drops.

Speck also made sure to give some LCD protection love for the Samsung Galaxy S III by a rubberized raised screen bezel. This helps prevent scratches to the LCD screen when laying the Galaxy S3 face down. There is also another benefit, it provides better grip while holding the case in your hand. Rubber continues to overflow and cover both side buttons, offering additional protection.

Rest assured while the CandyShell is warped around Samsung’s Galaxy S3, there is full access to all ports and controls.

Make sure to watch the video review of Specks Samsung Galaxy S 3 CandyShell case. If you have any questions, let us know and we will try to help.

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about Speck Samsung Galaxy S3 CandyShell.

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  • john huie

    LOVE the look of this case! Will I be buying it? maybe… I have a Speck CandyShell for my Droid Incredible, love the case except for how easily scratches show up on it.

    You really think that the lighter cases will show the scratches less?

    I would definitely recommend Speck build quality, but am “worried” about the scratches showing. Maybe interested in the FabShell, but that white or gray case looks awesome.

    • Caseaholic

      Hi John, I had many different colors of the Candyshell, and my favorite color is White w/ black or gray rubber. I also have a white with red rubber that looks cool. But for sure, black is deadly with scratches and fingerprints. The lighter colors hide the scratches better and don’t show fingerprints as much.

      • john huie

        thanks for the info! It will definitely help me out with my decision. i just saw your fabshell review, very cool, thanks! which one do you like the most out of the 3? unfortunately, i can only afford 1 case, $30, $35 is a lot! 😉

        • john huie

          and how many stars is this case? fabshell got 4 stars.

        • Caseaholic

          Hi, I would recommend either the Candyshell or Fabshell. They are both great overall cases. My only real complaint on the Candyshell is the shiny plastic it has. This will show a lot of scratches and fingerprints. For this reason I like the Fabshell. The only draw back with Fabshall is the lack of design options. If you go with Candyshell, my recommendation, stick with lighter colors. The wear & tear will show up less. Or if you like one of the Fabshell designs, go with it. Also, search Amazon for better pricing.

  • Andy G

    Is the blue like the pebble blue s3 or is it different?

  • Steven

    Does the blue on the case match the pebble blue of the Samsung Galaxy S3 or is the blue on the case different?

    • Caseaholic

      Hi, this case in the review has an off-white grey shell with a dark blue/green rubber. I do not believe it matches the blue of the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Teddy

    Hello, I’m taking a serious look at the Candyshell, but I’m not sure if the White/Black color combo I want actually exists, as it is not currently listed on Speck’s site for the s3. I find whispers of them on ebay and amazon, but I want to be sure they exist for the s3 before I waste my time. If you could, would you please confirm/disconfirm all the color options that aren’t on the speck site? i.e. White with black accents, white with dark turquoise accents, etc.

  • Sue

    Hi! I really like this case and I am considering purchasing one. I had an S4 and used an Otterbox Defender, It definitely did the job, but it was a bit bulky. I replaced my S4 with an S3 for now, ($$$) and here I am shopping for cases. I like thatthis case is less bulky, and I like the hard plastic outer shell. My only concern, and greatest fear, is dropping the phone and the screen cracking. I see this case has a slightly raised rubber lip but I am afraid that isn’t enough protection from shattering the screen? It happened once with my S4 before I got the defender case and I am so afraid of that happening again. ANy thoughts on this would help. Thanks.

    • Caseaholic

      Hi Sue,
      The OtterBox is a very good case and does offer excellent all around protection. I do understand when you mean less bulky. I personally do use and test multiple cases. I really do like the Speck CandyShell case. It does offer great shock protection due to the dual materials used, silicone inner with a hard outer shell. The Candyshell does have a raised lip, which will help to prevent injury to the LCD screen. Especially if your like me, who likes to lay my phone face down.

      As far as your screen breaking, I would have to say that if your phone screen happens to hit dead on with something, it will most likely break. However, if you are talking about the occasional drop, you should be ok. I hope this information helps.