Review Speck FabShell Case Samsung Galaxy S 3 S3 III

Speck FabShell Case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is one of the newest, in a series, of new Galaxy S III cases just released from Speck. The FabShell series offers protection along with unique pattern designs that’s fashionable, colorful and fun.

The Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is a one-piece fabric-backed case constructed with reinforced hard plastic on the back side and a flexible rubberized material, but durable, along the edges of the case. The combination of both hard and flexible materials protects the phone from everyday wear and tear of accidental, or not, bumps and drops. The rubberized edges with reinforced corners help with absorbing shock due to impact. The buttons are also protected with shock absorbing rubber material for added protection. You will find a nice rubber bezel around the front of the case to provide added LCD Screen protection if and when you lay the Samsung Galaxy SIII face down.

When we examined the case up close, you can see the different materials used, from the inner part of the case, where the back hard plastic plate seamlessly molds into the flexible rubber used on the edges. This is were you can tell Speck’sworkmanship it top-notch.

The canvas like fabric on the backside of the Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is what makes this case unique. It is molded in to the case, which they have done an excellent job molding fabric to plastic and it shows when looking at the case. After testing the case for a bit, we did not experience any issues with the fabric coming apart, bubbling, pealing or other issues. The fabric feels like lightweight canvas. It’s a little rough to the touch, but not unpleasing. It actually provides addition grip while holding it in your hand.

The Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is fully functional while in use. All the appropriate cutout for the camera, flash, speaker, mics and charger ports is accessible.

– Styles & color options
– easy installation & removal
– Durability of materials

– Price
– No screen protector
– lack of additional patter styles

The Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 MSRP Price is $34.95