AGENT18 New PULSE Gamer Case for iPhone 4 4s

Agent18®, launches a new PULSE case, for Apple iPhone 4 4s. It is designed for gamers and/or active text users. They are makers of stylish looking protective cases and covers for Apple devices. Agent18 emphasis on innovation, design, and functionality combined with cutting-edge engineering.

Agent18’s new “PULSE” case is uniquely made for the iPhone 4 4s power text users and/or gamers. It answers a need that many case manufactures have neglected to produce for iPhone 4/4s. The design of the Pulse case is made with TPU (Thermal Polyurethane), and has a special ergonomic contour shape designed for a more enjoyable feel while holding it in your hands. It also features a anti-slip coating for extra grip. One feature that really stands out to me which is included with the Pulse case is the lanyard. If you’re anything like me, when I’m playing an intense game on my iPhone, I sometimes find the need to throw it, especially when I am losing. Because of this hands-free security lanyard, I can actually throw it and have it go nowhere. I have not actually done it, so I would not recommend you try this, but it is a great ideal.

The Agent18® new Pulse case provides full access to all of your ports, switches and camera. So, there is no need to worry about having to remove the case to access your iPhone 4 4s features and functions.

The Agent18 New Pulse case is available in two colors, Black and Green.

Manufacture’s Specs:

  • Material: TPU (thermal polyurethane)
  • Type of Case: one piece vest
  • Length: 4.9 inches
  • Width: 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Color: Black

Device Compatibility: All iPhone 4 and 4S models

My thoughts:

I can’t wait to actually test this case out, because I have a need for it. On those heavy email days that they will not just stop coming, this case will be a godsend to have and use so my hands feel much more comfortable throughout the day. And of course, when I am playing my favorite games during my break periods. Ultimately this case may not be your everyday case to use on your iPhone, for some yes and other no, but it is a case I can see everyone should have in their collection.

Jump on over to Agent18 to learn more information and/or to purchase yours today. MSRP $24.99. You can pre-order them now on Agent18’s website, and will be shipping on July 27, 2012.