Review INCIPIO SILICRYLIC DualPro Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 S 3 III

Review Incipio Silicrylic DualPro case for Samsung galaxy S3 (S III 3) should be on your list of consideration if you’re shopping for a case. With so many cases to choose from, how do you know if this is the right case for you? Read on and/or watch our video review of the Incipio Silicrylic DualPro Samsung Galaxy S3 (S 3 III) case.

Incipio Silicrylic DualPro case features two layers of protection, an outer hard shell and an inner core silicone skin. This hybrid combination is popular because of the protection benefits combining hard plastic with silicone, cosmetic stylish looks, and color combinations.

Starting with the silicone skin, it is soft to the touch, flexible, and provides grip while holding it in your hand(s). Installing the silicone skin is simple and only takes a half of a second. When the Incipio Silicrylic DualPro silicone skin is on the Samsung Galaxy S III 3 (S3), it clings to the phone like a glove. It stays true to the form of the Galaxy S III. The silicone skin has two thicknesses. The surrounding edges, top, bottom, and both sides is thicker than in the middle where the plastic hard shell lays over it. It is designed this way so the hard shell lays flush with the silicone skin. As for the thicker silicone edges, this offers protection in key impact areas and absorbs shock in the event you should drop your Galaxy S 3.

The silicone skin covers both of the side buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S III. It has a nice clean raised ridge around the buttons. Which helps your fingers locate the buttons much faster, based on my testing. This really adds a benefit that you would not think about until you use this case. I did not have any troubles pushing or experience any functionality issues with the buttons during my test. I actually thought my buttons worked better, and it seemed to prevent accidental button pressing.

Another feature Incipio included on the Silicrylic DualPro Samsung Galaxy S3 case is a raised rim around the front LCD area. This raised rim provides additional protection and prevents scratches and/or damaging your LCD screen when laying the Samsung Galaxy S3 on its face. I for one, have this habit of laying my phone face down, because I don’t want to lay my Samsung Galaxy S III on its back in fear of scratching my case(s).

There were a couple of drawbacks I found with the silicone skin, while testing the case. Lint and other small particles stick to it, especially if you keep it in your pocket. If you have a dark color silicone skin, mine was black, the lint and/or particles do show up quite a bit. Which can look a little tacky. The lint and/or particles that do stick to it, can easily come off with a damp cloth and a quick wipe down.

Incipio Silicrylic DulPro Galaxy S 3 S3 III

The second layer of protection Incipio Silicrylic DualPro Samsung Galaxy S III 3 (S3) case has is an outer hard shell plastic that provides protection like the shell on the turtle’s back. It is made out of a durable polycarbonate flexible plastic. It does not feel flimsy or cheap. The hard shell plastic has a matte finish with soft touch rubberized texture coating.

The soft touch rubberized texture coating is a welcomed feature of the Incipio Silicrylic DualPro Samsung Galaxy S3 case. It provides added grip while holding it in your hand(s). I have found that it also prevents the case from sliding around when I lay it on my dashboard in my car while driving. I also discovered that the rubberized matte finished coating hides the nicks and scratches, which occur from daily wear and tear, better than shinny plastic cases. This helps prolong the new look of the case.

Accessing all of Samsung Galaxy S III ports, camera and/or flash, headphone jack, and buttons is not an issue with Incipio’s Silicrylic DualPro case. Throughout my testing, I did not experience any difficulties. The headphone jack opening worked with all of my different headphone plugs. The cutout for the camera works great. I did not have any issues with the case affecting my pictures, with or without flash. The microphone cutouts, both top and bottom centered with the microphones. I did not experience any issues while on a call. The other party can hear me perfectly. My overall experience with the Incipio Silicrylic DualPro case was enjoyable.

Incipio does include a screen protector, cleaning cloth and a squeegee with the case. Once you add the screen protector in conjunction with the Silicrylic DualPro case, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have full wraparound protection.

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