Incase’s Warehouse Sale Event Saved Me $500 – August 4, 2012

Incase Warehouse Sale Saves Me $500 CaseAHOLIC

Incase warehouse sale event saved me $500.00. It was a one-day event held on August 4, 2012, at their warehouse location in Chino, California. If you were one of the lucky ones to take advantage of Incase’s warehouse sale event on August 4, 2012, congratulations to you and the money you saved. If you did not partake in this event, I will do my best to describe what you missed out on.

Incase ‘s warehouse sale event was announced on their Facebook page, which is where I first learned about it. If you do not follow Incase on Facebook, you may want to start now!

The day of the warehouse sale event arrived and I forgot! I woke up, did my morning rituals, and then I checked my Facebook. As I was reading my news feed, I saw Incase’s reminder of their warehouse sale event. I jumped on over to their announcement and saw it started at 9:00 am and ended at 3:00 pm (pst). I looked down at my watch and it was 11:30 am! I saw this picture, posted by Cindy Rollins at 8:30 in the morning, of all these people in line.

Incase Warehouse Sale Event August 4 2012 Waiting in Line

After seeing this picture above, I was thinking to myself, by time I get there, everything would be all gone. I was contemplating on not going. Kurt Yun-Doyle posted this picture below, excited of all the products he purchased at a great price. Here is his quote:

Got our haul! And it’s not even half of what some people are walking out of here with! Totaled just $205. =D

Kurt Yun-Doyle Bucket of Incase Products

Based on some of the post I was reading on Facebook, it appeared Incase had no purchasing rules or limitations. First come, no limit, all you can carry, and all the money you can spend, seemed like the only limitations. Penn Dalton, wrote a tip for the next event Incase puts on:

Tip for next time: Limit how many of one item you can buy. Seeing that guy take pretty much all your ARI DSLR bags passed a lot of people off.

I was really sure by time I made it down to Incase’s warehouse sales event everything would be gone. Then I saw Incase posted a few pictures of some of the products in the sale.

Incase Warehouse Sale August 4 2012 Caseaholic

Incase Warehouse Sale Assorted Accessories Caseaholic

Incase Warehouse Sale August 4 2012 Bags

Joe Gjura posted a picture of Incase’s warehouse sale event price list. Here are just a few prices, Free Pivot Headphones for every $50 spent. Backpacks $20, Messenger Bags $15, Hard Cases $10, and Sonic Headphones $40. Click on the image to view full price list.

Incase Warehouse Sale Price List August 4 2012

I kept thinking if I don’t go, I would regret it later. A true caseaholic I am, I just could not resist myself, and regardless of what was left by the time I get there, I’m going. I arrived around 2:00 pm, only an hour left till the sale event closed, and I was prepared for the worst.

Mr. CaseAHOLIC arrives to Incase's Warehouse Sales Event August 4 2012

Once I got inside of the warehouse, where all of the product were, I was pleased to see plenty of product still available. As you walk in the entrance, on the right side, you’ll find the cashiers ready to take you money. Just behind them, were two pallets with Sonic and Pivot headphones. To the left side of the entrance, were tables against the left side wall, that stretch about 30 feet long. It had bags of all sorts, backpacks, messenger bags, sleeves, and iPad cases. Down the middle, was a row of boxes filled with iPod and iPhone cases, and earbuds, from what I saw. For the most part, all of the products were categorized by device, which made it easier to find products. It saved me time since I already had an ideal of which devices I was looking for accessories.

Incase had an assortment of new and new/opened box products. From what I could tell most of the bags, backpacks and sleeves looked new. As for the iPad, iPhone, iPod cases, some of them looked new and others looked like they were open box/returns. Some of them had RMA stickers on them. The ones I sorted through, even though the packaging may have not been new or had an RMA sticker, the product did look new and undamaged. Most of the Incase Capsules earbuds that I saw had RMA stickers on the retail packaging. I did not see any without them. There could have been some without RMA stickers earlier in the day. For the most part, I saw great product mixture from many of Incase’s product line.

So you are probably wondering what I purchased? Well, I did find a sling backpack and a messenger bag for my MacBook Pro 15″. Two sleeves, Alloy and a Sling sleeve for my MacBook Air 13″. A perforated black hardshell, in black, cover case for my MacBook Pro 15″. And, Sonic over the ear headphones, plus, Incase through in, for free, two Pivot headphones since I spent over $100. All of these products would have cost me $600.00 plus tax and shipping, if I where to purchase them online at Incase’s website. I only paid $105.00 for everything. Matter of fact, I was not even charged sales tax! See my goodies below.

Incase Warehouse Sale Saves Me $500 CaseAHOLIC

After it was all done and said, I am glad I did not talk myself out of not going. I picked up some goodies and saved big money, even though I arrived late. Next time I will make sure to be better prepaid and arrive early.

I would like to say thank you to Incase for putting on this sale and giving back to their loyal customers, and newly adopters. There are many manufactures out there that do not take part in giving back to their loyal customers like Incase is doing. In today’s economy, especially here in California, times are tough for many. I am sure this sale helped out many families, students, and everybody else who attended save money. I am sure Incase has their reasons why they do this sale, and perhaps, if they happen to stumble upon this post, they would comment, but for whatever their reason, it is welcomed by many others and me.

My last thoughts. Make sure to follow Incase so you can be aware of their next sale. For all of you who knew about it, and decided not to go, you missed out! For those of you who do not live in or near Southern California. I truly believe this would be a great excuse to plan a vacation, road trip, or just to visit some long-lost family, and take back a bunch of great Incase products.

If you were at Incase’s warehouse sale, post a comment below of all the great products you got and how much you saved.