SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case is Fashion Friendly but Lacks Usability!

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case is Fashion Friendly but lacks usability! It is a pleasure to see case manufactures, like SwitchEasy, be creative with their case designs, colors, and materials used. I believe SwitchEasy is one of the few manufactures that take risk in producing out of the box case designs, which sets them apart from other manufactures. The Pelle iPad case is no exception with its color combinations, design layout, custom key lock, ultra thin, and included vanity kit. Sounds great, right? Not so fast!

Outfitting the iPad to match your wardrobe of the day is simple with SwitchEasy Pelle new iPad folio case. It comes in three fashionable colors, all black, blue with light blue, and red with tan. If you want to add a little extra bling, SwitchEasy created two additional special edition colors, mint green with tan, and blossom pink with tan, and they come with Swarovski Element crystals on the key lock. Making a fashion statement with the iPad and SwitchEasy Pelle case is limitless.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Key lock Swarovski Crystal - CaseAHOLIC

SwitchEasy Pelle is ultra thin, 244mm x 189mm x 23mm. Even though it is ultra thin, I did not feel it was cheap or flimsy while holding it in my hands. I was pleased with the thickness of the Pelle case throughout my review.

The front flap cover that goes over the iPad LCD screen is made out of durable polyurethane faux leather, in another words, synthetic leather. I will say the faux leather material SwitchEasy is using for the Pelle case does resembles real leather very nicely. The workmanship of the stitching that goes around the rim and down the front cover flap is well constructed. The back shell is made out of a durable polycarbonate plastic that is semi-rigid. It does flex a little bit, but not much. The back of the hard shell has a rubberized texture overlay coating. This helps with extra grip while holding it in your hands, keeps it from sliding around while laying it on a smooth surface, and it helps keep it in place during landscape or typing angle.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Mint Green Open - CaseAHOLIC

What makes the SwitchEasy Pelle iPad case unique and different from other folio cases, it has a key lock mechanism, on the front of the folio cover, for purpose of changing the viewing angle of the case. The key lock mechanism, when in the lock position, forces the front cover to remain flat. When the key lock is pull out, it allows for a portion of the front flap to be bent back.

Below is a picture of the key lock pulled out. The stitching in the middle prevents the key lock from coming all the way out. I think this can be a problem in the future by coming unraveled from every day use and wear and tear. If you do purchase a SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad case, try not to pull out the key lock to hard to prevent any issues.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Key lock Swarovski Crystal Open - CaseAHOLIC

After spending some time reviewing the Pelle iPad case, the locking and unlocking of the key became a hassle. In the beginning I thought this could be a great ideal. But I was wrong. Every time I wanted to put the case in an angle for me to type on my iPad, I had to pull out the key lock. And then when I was done, I had to push it back in. I had to be cautious and make sure the key lock was pull all the way out every time in order not to damage the case. If I used too much force bending back the flap, and the key lock was not pulled all the way out, I could do some damage or even tear the front cover. This is gimmicky and not functional for the heavy iPad user.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Key Cover Open - CaseAHOLIC

The inside of the SwitchEasy Pelle looks trendy and fashionable with the two-tone look. The inside flap, left side, is made with the same faux leather as the top. The SwitchEasy logo is branded nicely towards the top left corner. The hard shell, right side, has a smooth texture on the inside of it. There is no rubber coating like the backside. There is also a SwitchEasy logo placed down on the bottom center.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Shell - CaseAHOLIC

I really like iPad cases that provide many different options for viewing angles. The SwitchEasy Pelle falls short, in my opinion. There are three main viewing setups. Within those setups, I know you can make further adjustment to find the right viewing angle, but it does not work very well. Picture below, is the first viewing angle option. In order to set this up correctly, the key lock needs to be all the way in. Then all you do is flip over the cover and adjust the angle to suit your needs. From my testing and review, this option works ok, depending on the surface the Pelle iPad case is sitting on, and how much of a slope the iPad screen is at.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Landscap - CaseAHOLIC

The picture below shows the Pelle case in the second viewing angle option. You can achieve a greater slope angle with this method. In order to set this up, you have to pull out the key lock, and flip back the tab portion up and over. I did find few problems with this setup. Depending on the surface I would lay the SwitchEasy Pelle case on, as long it was flat, it would function correctly. I did have some trouble on uneven surfaces, but not much. Also, on slippery surfaces, I was limited to certain angles. I had to keep my iPad more upright than at a slope. My iPad seemed to slip and fall if I tried to put to much slope on the angle of the screen.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Landscap Typing Folded - CaseAHOLIC

The picture below shows the SwitchEasy Pelle iPad case in the only typing angle that is really available. There are two slits on the back hard shell. Only one slit is used in conjunction with the flap cover. Once I was able to successfully put the Pelle case in the typing angle, I found it very difficult and frustrating to keep it from falling as I was typing. The slit on the back hard shell does a horrible job of keeping the iPad from falling. If you do a lot of typing with your iPad, and you purchase this case, be prepared for some frustration.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Landscap Typing - CaseAHOLIC

There is another major concern I have with SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad case. The picture below shows how the key lock touches the back of the hard shell case when it is completely folded over the iPad. I found two issues with this. One is, the key lock rubs against the back hard shell. At some point either the back hard shell cover or the chrome finish on the key lock is going to wear out from the constant friction between the two surfaces. I personally could be ok with the back hard shell having a spot showing the wear and tear from the key lock. It is the back cover. There is bound to be some scratches and nicks from daily use. However, the key lock is more visible to everyone since it is on the front of the iPad cover. I would want that to remain looking new for as long as possible, especially if I purchased the special editions with the Swarovski element crystals.

Issue number two, when the flap cover is all the way flipped around, and I’m holding the Pelle case in my hand with the iPad screen facing me, vertically or horizontally, the key lock causes the cover from setting flush with the back hard shell. This causes a gap in the middle of the SwitchEasy Pelle iPad cover and the top and bottom of the cover rocks up and down like a teeter-totter. I found this annoying. It is even more annoying when you lay the SwitchEasy Pelle case on a flat surface, and it teeter-totters side to side when touching or swiping the screen from left to right, or right to left.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Crystals Rubbing Back - CaseAHOLIC

The Pelle New iPad case speaker cutout features multiple square boxes with vertical and horizontal lines. I like this design because it ads protection for the speaker verses some cases that have one big cutout. I did not experience any volume degradation with this cutout.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Speaker Cutout Closeup - CaseAHOLIC

The Pelle case provides complete access to the side rocker buttons, vibe switch, camera, on/off sleep button, mic, headphone jack and bottom charger port.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Cutout Closeup - CaseAHOLIC

SwitchEasy includes one LCD screen protector, cleaning cloth, squeegee, and two charger connector and headphone jack port covers with the Pelle New iPad (2012) and iPad 2 (2011).

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case LCD Port Covers - CaseAHOLIC

Picture below shows what the SwitchEasy Pelle headphone jack port cover looks like installed.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Headphone Jack Port Cover - CaseAHOLIC

Picture below shows the SwitchEasy Pelle charger port cover installed.

SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad Folio Case Charger Port Cover - CaseAHOLIC

Final thoughts:

The SwitchEasy Pelle New iPad (2012) and iPad 2 (2011) folio case brings something new and different. The color options are fashionable and can be used to coordinate with many different outfits. I like how the Pelle is ultra thin and lightweight. The overall quality of it is durable and offers the iPad decent amount of protection. I am not a big fan of the key lock feature and the limited viewing angles. If you are looking for an iPad case that is more fashionable in design verses functional for everyday use, then give the Pelle a try.