iLuv Frill Samsung Galaxy S3 Credit Card Wallet Case S 3 III Review

Thanks to iLuv Frill, Samsung Galaxy S3 S III 3 android smartphone owners can now leave home without a wallet or purse.  iLuv, New York designer and manufacture of award-winning cases and accessories, has answered the need for many Galaxy S3 III S 3 owners by manufacturing one of the first ultra-thin credit card wallet case.

Apple iPhone owners are no strangers to credit card wallet cases. Case-Mate ID case was one of the first credit card wallet cases made available for the iPhone 3G/3Gs and 4/4s. Then other manufactures like Speck with their Smart Flex case, and Incipio with the Stowaway card case, jumped in to market with their version of the credit card wallet case. All of which are great cases with their own unique features. None of the mentioned case manufactures have a credit card wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 S III3, as of the time of this post.

Here comes iLuv. If you are an Apple user, you may have heard of iLuv. They’re a well-respected manufacture that has been specializing in Apple accessories since 2006. In 2010, iLuv partnered with Samsung and started manufacturing accessories for Samsung devices. They have brought their award-winning Apple designs over to the android Samsung world, for all of us to enjoy. The Frill credit card case is one of those.

iLuv Frill credit card wallet case is available in four colors. Thy come in a white hard-shell with silver card slot holder, pink hard-shell with a white card slot holder, black hard-shell with a red card slot holder, blue hard-shell with a silver card slot holder.

iLuv Frill Galaxy S3 Credit Card Case Multi ©CaseAHOLIC

The iLuv Frill Samsung Galaxy s 3 is a two-piece case that has been molded in to one. It has a thin durable hard-shell that acts as the case. The hard-shell has a rubberized matte coating over the case. I personally like cases that have the rubberized matte coating verses the ones that are shiny for a couple of reasons. It helps add grip and prevents the Frill case from slipping from your hands, and does a fairly good job hiding the daily wear and tear from every day use.

iLuv Frill Credit Card Case Galaxy S3 S III 3 Top ©CaseAHOLIC

iLuv Frill Credit Card Case Galaxy S3 S III 3 inside ©CaseAHOLIC

The Frill snaps on to the back of the Galaxy S3 and covers the complete back and sides the phone. The Frill case will not fit the Samsung Galaxy S III S3 phone if there is any sort of thin layer of protection like a ZAGG InvisibleShield on the back of it. The back of the phone needs to be completely naked. The iLuv Frill case provides complete access to all of the Galaxy S3 S III 3 buttons, camera, microphone, headphone jack and charger port.

The pocket card slot is made out of plastic. iLuv did a great job on the pocket design making it look like it’s made out of aluminum. The cutout pattern design on the slot pocket is inspired by Antoni Gaudi.

iLuv Frill Credit Card Case Galaxy S3 S III 3 Camera ©CaseAHOLIC

iLuv Frill Credit Card Case Galaxy S3 S III 3 Back ©CaseAHOLIC

The iLuv Frill securely stores up to 2 credit cards/ID. I was able to stuff 3 cards in the pocket without too much trouble. With two credit cards or ID, I was able to easily slide them in and out. With three cards it gets a little tight and harder to access.

iLuv Frill Credit Card Case Galaxy S3 S III 3 Card ©CaseAHOLIC

There is a small tab that hangs down which keeps the cards secure. It does a really good job keeping the cards from falling out.

If you need to carry cash with you, iLuv Frill case is not the best choice. Keeping the cash secure and with easy access can be a challenge. I stuffed a few bills, folded them in half, in to the card pocket, above two credit cards. Getting the cash in the pocket can be tricky due to the drop down secure tab getting in the way. Once the cash is in the pocket, and you need to get to it, it’s almost impossible, unless some of the money is hanging out of the pocket for you to grab and pull out. If not, there is no easy way to get to it. I had to pull out both credit cards and use one of them to finagle the money out of the pocket, just enough for me to grab it.  The best way to carry cash with the Frill case is to fold a bill in half, and put it between two cards. then slide it in the pocket.

iLuv Frill Credit Card Case Galaxy S3 S III 3 lock ©CaseAHOLIC

iLuv did design the Frill case with a small raised rim around the screen. This raised rim helps prevent damage to the Samsung Galaxy S3 S III 3 screen from getting scratched when laying the phone face down.

iLuv Frill Credit Card Case Galaxy S3 S III 3 Side ©CaseAHOLIC


The iLuv Frill is thin, lightweight, fits the Galaxy S III perfectly and does not add to much bulk with the ability to carry a couple of cards. The design is unique and fashion friendly.


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Multiple color choices
  • Unique design
  • Can hold up to 3 cards
  • Durable


  • MSRP price is expensive
  • Can’t carry cash effectively
  • minimal phone protection