iGear Unlimited Releases New iPad Air Leather 360° Swivel Case

iGear Unlimited iPadAir 360 Case Caseaholic

The new Apple iPad Air is thinner and 20% lighter than previous models which makes it more pleasing to carry around all day. Keeping your new investment protected and finding the correct case is most likely a top priority. I know it was for me. Finding the right case, depending on your circumstances, may prove to be problematic. Perhaps, the new Swivel Folio case from iGear Unlimited might just be the one for you.

Folio covers have become a very popular style of cases, primarily due to the many fabric and style options, full body protection, and functions it offers the iPad and tablets. Traditionally folio style cases are similar, to a degree, in design. They have some sort of a shell or base that holds the iPad/tablet securely, while protecting the back. There is a flap that wraps around the side of the iPad/tablet and covers the front screen while not in use. Besides protection, depending on the particular case, they provide adjustable viewing angles and more comfortable typing positions. Some folio cases do this better than others.

iGear Swivel iPad Air CaseiGear Unlimited new swivel case for the iPad Air may seem similar to the rest at first glance, however, there is one feature that makes it unique and quite possibly the case for you. The flap that protects the front screen rotates freely 360°. What this means is you are able to adjust the iPad Air tablet to the perfect viewing or operating position. Wither you are watching videos, doing a presentation, or typing, complete 360° free rotation allows the iPad Air to be positioned horizontally or vertically. This is a huge advantage over many other folio cases with vertical position difficulties. I myself enjoy this feature especially being able to view my screen vertically.

When it comes to colors and materials, I usually end up, most of the time, using a black executive looking case. I do own and use more colorful cases at times, but, black leather style is my primary go to. iGear Swivel case comes in black and is made with a durable padded leatherette material on the outside, and inside has soft fabric lining to help protect the screen. It also features an auto wake/sleep smart cover design. Every time you open the flap, it will wake up the iPad Air and make it ready to use. When you close the flap, it will turn it off.

Here is the description and features from the manufacturer:


Folio style protection for the iPad with 360º free rotation. Sets up the iPad in both orientations at a comfortable angle. Front glass protection when not in use.


  • Durable leatherette padded portfolio case
  • 360-degree free rotation swivel base
  • Full-body protection all around the iPad
  • Elastic band holds the iPad securely
  • Soft fabric lining protects iPad’s screen
  • Can be set up at multiple angles in both horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Auto wake/sleep smart cover design

7.5” x 9.5” x 0.75”; weight: 9.5 oz



“iGear’s top priority is to make cases that deliver the utmost protection to the device, they also want the product to be fun and pleasing to the eye.”

Another element to this case that is very attractive, the price! The average retail price for an iPad folio case is $49.99. iGear Unlimited has priced their folio case, very attractively, starting at $39.00. They offer tiered pricing discounts based on quantity. The price can go as low as $24.00, if you meet their required quantity. They also offer wholesale if you are a distributor or reseller. The tiered pricing option is great if you are interested in purchasing many units for a company, government agency or school institution. 

If this appears to be the right iPad Air folio case for you, go ahead and pick one up.