Canopy Now Shipping Sensus™ Touch-Sensitive iPhone Case Developer Kits

Sensus Canopy iPhone Case Caseaholic

Cases for iPhones, smartphones, and tablets can be found in every possible color, designs and materials imaginable. Cases are mostly used for protecting your device and/or adding style. Cases really don’t provide any additional function as far as helping you navigate your touch screen. That would be cool, right? Can you imagine touching the side or back of your case, to navigate your touch-screen without actually touching your glass? How about activating an app, playing games, or taking a picture. That is exactly what Minneapolis based company, Canopy (, the company behind Sensus™ case plans on doing.

Occasionally a product will be developed and released that becomes a game changer in the industry. I do believe the Sensus protective case is one of them. It is a product that protects your mobile device with variable pressure technology built in to it. The case has sensors on the back and sides of it that responds to electrical current from within your skin and the amount of force used while pressing on the case. This functions like your touch-screen. The concept behind Sunsus case is to allow the user to operate mobile apps, without having to touch your screen on your iPhone or Android smartphone. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. Currently, only apps that are developed for Sensus case will work with it. Checkout the video below and you can see what this amazing case and the technology behind it can do.

According to Canopy, Sensus will launch several devices over time, starting mid 2014, with the iPhone 5/5s. Then iPad Mini, iPhone 5c, iPod Touch, and future possibilities for Android and Window devices. MSRP for the Sensus is USD $99.00.

App Developers: 

Canopy is now shipping Sensus touch-sensitive iPhone 5/5s cases and Sensus software developer kits for app developers. The SDK includes multitouch and gesture recognition APIs, plugins for popular platforms such as Unity and Xamarin, as well as many new components for working with pressure data.

App developers who wish to apply for a Sensus Developer Kit may visit Canopy invites developers and interested partner companies to meet with its team at International CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2014, booth number MP40023.