ChargerLeash USB Charging Cable with Alarm for iPhone and Android Smartphones

ChargerLeash USB Cable with Alarm by Caseaholic

Whenever I am traveling you can rest assured I’m bringing a couple of USB 9 pin apple Lightning charging cables with me just in case I lose or leave one behind. I don’t know about you, but, I’ve lost a few by leaving them in a hotel room when I’m checking out. Not only when I am traveling, I have lost my Apple iPhone charging cable at Starbucks. I’ve forgotten to unplug my charger from the wall outlet when I left. Only to get to the office and realized what I did. This is frustrating! Well, now there is a solution for this problem and you’ll never lose another USB charging sync cables again.

ChargerLeash is a high-performance USB charging and sync cable with an audible built in alarm. Say what? ALARM! That’s right. With this handy accessory, you no longer have to worry about leaving your USB cable behind. There is also an added benefit, it can be a theft prevention device for when you are charging your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet in public places.

ChargerLeash How Does It Work CaseAholicSo you may be asking how does the ChargerLeash work? I’m glad you asked. It’s very simple. All you need to do is use it like any other USB cable. There are no special on/off switches, batteries, or other attachments for the ChargerLeash to function.

There is a small intelligent cube that is placed in the middle of the USB cable. When you connect ChargerLeash to your device, and a USB power source, it begins charging the device. A green LED light will appear. When the ChargerLeash is unplugged from the device, within approximately six seconds, an audible alarm starts beeping and a red LED light starts flashing. In order to turn off the audible beeping sound, you have to unplug the ChargerLeash USB cable from it’s power source. In theory, this audible alarm will force you to unplug the cable and store it away, therefore preventing it from being left behind.

This same functionality of the ChargerLeash will work as an Anti-Theft alarm. I’ve seen many of times, in Airports, coffee shops and other public locations where people have their electronic devices connected to power, and they assume nobody will walk away with it, so they leisurely will go outside the coffee shop, use the restroom, or wonder away with no worries at all. You can imagine there have been many smartphones and other electronic devices stolen due to this ignorance. Now with the ChargerLeash, it can notify you and nearby warm bodies, with an annoying beeping alarm that an unauthorized activity took place.

ChargerLeash charging and sync cables are made with certified connectors, 3 feet long with 1m cables. They can be connected to a 2.1A or 3.1A wall or car charger for maximum speed charging. There are currently four variant models available.

Apple Lighting 9 Pin and 30 Pin:

ChargerLeash Apple Product Description Caseaholic


Universal Micro USB 2.0 and Multi-Tip Kit

ChargerLeash Micro USB Product Description Caseaholic

For retail stores that want to sell the ChargerLeash, it comes in Ready for Retail Packaging:

ChargerLeash Retail Packaging Caseaholic

Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers looking for a unique product to help with sales, here is your opportunity. Traditional USB charging cables are a dime a dozen. Here is a product that your sales team can sink their teeth in to and provide a valued product that every potential smartphone customer can understand why they should have one of these. Just think of the sales opportunities with travelers and students. Checkout ChargerLeash Reseller Kit.

Final Thoughts
The ChargerLeash is an innovative product that provides a need for many smartphone and electronic users. Granted it may not be for everyone or for everyday use, due to the audible functionality of this USB cable. However, I highly recommend it be worth having one in your accessory repertoire for those occasions that due arise.

ChargerLeash MSRP (Manufactured Retail Price) ranges from $19.99 to $29.99, depending on the model. If you want to save a few dollars, visit the Ebay or Amazon link below.

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