Who is Mobile Line Communications Wholesale Distributor Interviewed by Caseaholic

Caseaholic had the opportunity to visit Mobile Line Communications, located in Tustin, Ca, and talked with Kevin Luxon about the products and service they offer. Mobile Line Communications is a wholesale distributor for top name brand consumer electronic accessories and manufacturer of their own brand, Versio Mobile. They provide a wide array of products and services to support wireless businesses of all sizes, from one location retail store to carrier premium agents with hundreds of stores, online Ecommerce, and manufacturers.

Mobile Line Communications, established in 1991, has been in the wireless industry for over 20 years and going strong as they are continually re-inventing themselves in order to adapt with industry changes. We have seen many distributors struggling to find their way to stay in business. One of the largest and long time apple accessory distributors in the US, Dr. Bott LLC., filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Mobile Line Communications understands these changes and the demands their customers are requiring from distributors.

Top industry recognizable name brand products are what MLC provides to their customers. Brands like OtterBox, UAG (Urban Armor Gear), Incipio, Braven, Ballistic, Griffin, iLuv, iSkin, iOttie, Nite Ize, and Seidio just to name a few. You can visit MLC manufacturer page for a full list of brands they distribute. Mobile Line Communication understands the importance of brand recognition and wants to ensure the sell through success for every single one of their customers by offering branded verses non-branded products.

Online ecommerce participates in large percentages of sales for consumer electronic wireless accessories. Mobile Line Communications has developed and implemented a drop ship program in order to support this growing trend. Mobile Line stocks thousands of products in their warehouse. MLC understands, their customers cannot stock every product they sell. With the drop ship program, both brick and mortar retails stores and online ecommerce, can have access to their entire inventory, some restrictions may apply, to offer their customers. Mobile Line Communications can drop ship one product to a retail customer or hundred of products to wholesale customer. For large volume customers, MLC does provide automated solutions to process orders.

In conjunctions with drop shipping, 3PL (Third Party Logistics), was developed and instituted out of the growing need for Mobile Line Communications customers. The startup cost, monthly maintenance for a warehouse and the entire shipping infrastructure is costly. Now with MLC’s 3PL solution, businesses with 1 product or hundreds, can utilize Mobile Line’s warehouse and years of shipping experience at an affordable cost.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint Premium retailers with multiple locations can experience frustration and loss of sales without the proper inventory control and replenishment. Mobile Line Communications provides state of the art Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. The complete VMI solution is extensive and offers many benefits. Here are some key benefits:

  • Expansive Vender Managed Inventory
  • National Sales Data Sensor and Forecasts
  • Inventory Levels vs. Time Management
  • Optimized Supply Chains
  • Increase Profitability
  • Product Training

Combine name brand products with MLC’s successful VMI program is an excellent program for any Premium Agent of any size.

We were very impressed with Mobile Line Communications and all of the services they offer. Their entire staff was friendly and appeared to be knowledgeable. The entire building and warehouse was immaculately clean and well organized.

If you are in need of top name brand consumer electronic wireless accessories, or any of the other services offered, make sure to contact them today and make sure to say CASEAHOLIC sent you.

Mobile Line Communications
1402 Morgan Circle
Tustin, CA 92780
Tel: 877-247-2599