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Who is Mobile Line Communications Wholesale Distributor Interviewed by Caseaholic

Caseaholic had the opportunity to visit Mobile Line Communications, located in Tustin, Ca, and talked with Kevin Luxon about the products and service they offer. Mobile Line Communications is a wholesale distributor for top name brand consumer electronic accessories and manufacturer of their own brand, Versio Mobile. They provide a wide array of products and services to support wireless businesses of all sizes, from one location retail store to carrier premium agents with hundreds of stores, online Ecommerce, and manufacturers.

Mobile Line Communications, established in 1991, has been in the wireless industry for over 20 years and going strong as they are continually re-inventing themselves in order to adapt with industry changes. We have seen many distributors struggling to find their way to stay in business. One of the largest and long time apple accessory distributors in the US, Dr. Bott LLC., filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Mobile Line Communications understands these changes and the demands their customers are requiring from distributors.

Top industry recognizable name brand products are what MLC provides to their customers. Brands like OtterBox, UAG (Urban Armor Gear), Incipio, Braven, Ballistic, Griffin, iLuv, iSkin, iOttie, Nite Ize, and Seidio just to name a few. You can visit MLC manufacturer page for a full list of brands they distribute. Mobile Line Communication understands the importance of brand recognition and wants to ensure the sell through success for every single one of their customers by offering branded verses non-branded products.

Online ecommerce participates in large percentages of sales for consumer electronic wireless accessories. Mobile Line Communications has developed and implemented a drop ship program in order to support this growing trend. Mobile Line stocks thousands of products in their warehouse. MLC understands, their customers cannot stock every product they sell. With the drop ship program, both brick and mortar retails stores and online ecommerce, can have access to their entire inventory, some restrictions may apply, to offer their customers. Mobile Line Communications can drop ship one product to a retail customer or hundred of products to wholesale customer. For large volume customers, MLC does provide automated solutions to process orders.

In conjunctions with drop shipping, 3PL (Third Party Logistics), was developed and instituted out of the growing need for Mobile Line Communications customers. The startup cost, monthly maintenance for a warehouse and the entire shipping infrastructure is costly. Now with MLC’s 3PL solution, businesses with 1 product or hundreds, can utilize Mobile Line’s warehouse and years of shipping experience at an affordable cost.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint Premium retailers with multiple locations can experience frustration and loss of sales without the proper inventory control and replenishment. Mobile Line Communications provides state of the art Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. The complete VMI solution is extensive and offers many benefits. Here are some key benefits:

  • Expansive Vender Managed Inventory
  • National Sales Data Sensor and Forecasts
  • Inventory Levels vs. Time Management
  • Optimized Supply Chains
  • Increase Profitability
  • Product Training

Combine name brand products with MLC’s successful VMI program is an excellent program for any Premium Agent of any size.

We were very impressed with Mobile Line Communications and all of the services they offer. Their entire staff was friendly and appeared to be knowledgeable. The entire building and warehouse was immaculately clean and well organized.

If you are in need of top name brand consumer electronic wireless accessories, or any of the other services offered, make sure to contact them today and make sure to say CASEAHOLIC sent you.

Mobile Line Communications
1402 Morgan Circle
Tustin, CA 92780
Tel: 877-247-2599

Exclusive adidas Originals iPhone 5 5s Booklet and Snap Cases

adidas Original iPhone 5 5s Cases

The most recognizable three stripes seen on shoes, clothes and gear, is now available for your iPhone 5 5s phone. You can now match your iPhone 5/5s smartphone with your adidas kicks or outfit. There are two different style options options available, folio wallet style case and a less bulkier snap case. Each of the style has nine color options available.

adidas Originals Booklet Case: – MSRP $39.95

This is a folio wallet style case. It has a flap that flips over the screen and keeps it protected. It is made with a protective polycarbonate and faux leather. You will find 3 stripes stitched to the front cover and an embossed printed logo. Inside of the case is lined with microfiber to help prevent scratches on the iPhone. There is a slip pocket on the back of the case to hold a credit card, ID or any other object with similar size.

Part number:
MPN: 17426
UPC / EAN: 8718719590799

adidas Original Snap Case:– MSRP $34.95

The Snap case is slimmer and lighter than the Booklet. It will mostly protect the back and sides of your iPhone 5/5s. It is made with a rubber coated hard polycarbonate plastic. You will find microfiber lining inside the case for extra protection. On the back of the case, there is a polyurethane inlay with three stripes stitched and an embossed logo.

Part Number
MPN: 17426
UPC / EAN: 8718719590799

Both are exclusively available for purchase at the Apple store.

Mobile Line Communications Wholesale Distributor for UAG Urban Armor Gear Cases

Mobile Line Communications New UAG Wholesale Distributor

Mobile Line Communications is a New Distributor for UAG Urban Armor Gear Cases

Mobile Line Communications, located in Tustin, Ca, has been a serving the wholesale community since, 1991 as a distributor for many top consumer electronic accessory brands. In recent months, Mobile Line Communications has added to its roster a new high quality case manufacture, UAG (Urban Armor Gear).

“Our distinctive cases are engineered to protect your gear from the rigors of an active lifestyle and enhance the utility of your device.”

UAG (Urban Armor Design) cases are one of the most energetic styles that reflects Coastal Southern California, where the company was founded. All case models meet or exceed military drop-test standards. Each of the Urban Armor Gear products exudes dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship.

UAG Product Catalog

Contact Mobile Line Communications:
Kevin Luxon
Tel: 714-247-2500
email: [email protected]

Mobile Line Communications is also an authorized wholesale distributor for Ballistic, Braven, Incipio, Griffin, iLuv, iSkin, iOttie, OtterBox, Nite Ize, Speck Products, Seidio and many more.

ChargerLeash USB Charging Cable with Alarm for iPhone and Android Smartphones

ChargerLeash USB Cable with Alarm by Caseaholic

Whenever I am traveling you can rest assured I’m bringing a couple of USB 9 pin apple Lightning charging cables with me just in case I lose or leave one behind. I don’t know about you, but, I’ve lost a few by leaving them in a hotel room when I’m checking out. Not only when I am traveling, I have lost my Apple iPhone charging cable at Starbucks. I’ve forgotten to unplug my charger from the wall outlet when I left. Only to get to the office and realized what I did. This is frustrating! Well, now there is a solution for this problem and you’ll never lose another USB charging sync cables again.

ChargerLeash is a high-performance USB charging and sync cable with an audible built in alarm. Say what? ALARM! That’s right. With this handy accessory, you no longer have to worry about leaving your USB cable behind. There is also an added benefit, it can be a theft prevention device for when you are charging your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet in public places.

ChargerLeash How Does It Work CaseAholicSo you may be asking how does the ChargerLeash work? I’m glad you asked. It’s very simple. All you need to do is use it like any other USB cable. There are no special on/off switches, batteries, or other attachments for the ChargerLeash to function.

There is a small intelligent cube that is placed in the middle of the USB cable. When you connect ChargerLeash to your device, and a USB power source, it begins charging the device. A green LED light will appear. When the ChargerLeash is unplugged from the device, within approximately six seconds, an audible alarm starts beeping and a red LED light starts flashing. In order to turn off the audible beeping sound, you have to unplug the ChargerLeash USB cable from it’s power source. In theory, this audible alarm will force you to unplug the cable and store it away, therefore preventing it from being left behind.

This same functionality of the ChargerLeash will work as an Anti-Theft alarm. I’ve seen many of times, in Airports, coffee shops and other public locations where people have their electronic devices connected to power, and they assume nobody will walk away with it, so they leisurely will go outside the coffee shop, use the restroom, or wonder away with no worries at all. You can imagine there have been many smartphones and other electronic devices stolen due to this ignorance. Now with the ChargerLeash, it can notify you and nearby warm bodies, with an annoying beeping alarm that an unauthorized activity took place.

ChargerLeash charging and sync cables are made with certified connectors, 3 feet long with 1m cables. They can be connected to a 2.1A or 3.1A wall or car charger for maximum speed charging. There are currently four variant models available.

Apple Lighting 9 Pin and 30 Pin:

ChargerLeash Apple Product Description Caseaholic


Universal Micro USB 2.0 and Multi-Tip Kit

ChargerLeash Micro USB Product Description Caseaholic

For retail stores that want to sell the ChargerLeash, it comes in Ready for Retail Packaging:

ChargerLeash Retail Packaging Caseaholic

Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers looking for a unique product to help with sales, here is your opportunity. Traditional USB charging cables are a dime a dozen. Here is a product that your sales team can sink their teeth in to and provide a valued product that every potential smartphone customer can understand why they should have one of these. Just think of the sales opportunities with travelers and students. Checkout ChargerLeash Reseller Kit.

Final Thoughts
The ChargerLeash is an innovative product that provides a need for many smartphone and electronic users. Granted it may not be for everyone or for everyday use, due to the audible functionality of this USB cable. However, I highly recommend it be worth having one in your accessory repertoire for those occasions that due arise.

ChargerLeash MSRP (Manufactured Retail Price) ranges from $19.99 to $29.99, depending on the model. If you want to save a few dollars, visit the Ebay or Amazon link below.

Visit ChargerLeash.com for more information or to purchase retail.


LG G3 Quick Circle Folio Case Available at C2 Wireless – Wholesale

LG G3 Quick Circle Case Wholesale Caseaholic

C2 Wireless, an LG wholesale distributor, is now taking orders for the highly anticipated OEM LG G3 Quick Circle Folio Case. Gone are the days of “Dumb-Cases” that don’t interact with your smartphone. It’s all about “Smart-Cases” that provides protection and enhances the users smartphone experience.

LG G3 Quick Circle Folio Case will be a very popular accessory for retailers offering the LG G3 android smartphone due to the functionality of the case and MSRP pricing. The QuickCircle Folio case gives the user access to the LG G3 smartphone features without having to open the case. Users can place calls, send a text message, check the time, take photos, listen to music, and other updates. At the same time, the QuickCircle case provides side edges, back and screen protection, and extra grip while holding the case.

The MSRP (Manufactured Suggested Retail Price) is $49.99 US. The Quick Circle case will be available in three colors, Silk White, Shine Gold, and Metallic Black.

For wholesale information visit C2 Wireless or contact them directly. They have two warehouse locations, Hicksville, NY and Irvine, Ca, to support customers across across the US.

Shop on  AMAZON

Canopy Now Shipping Sensus™ Touch-Sensitive iPhone Case Developer Kits

Sensus Canopy iPhone Case Caseaholic

Cases for iPhones, smartphones, and tablets can be found in every possible color, designs and materials imaginable. Cases are mostly used for protecting your device and/or adding style. Cases really don’t provide any additional function as far as helping you navigate your touch screen. That would be cool, right? Can you imagine touching the side or back of your case, to navigate your touch-screen without actually touching your glass? How about activating an app, playing games, or taking a picture. That is exactly what Minneapolis based company, Canopy (canopyco.com), the company behind Sensus™ case plans on doing.

Occasionally a product will be developed and released that becomes a game changer in the industry. I do believe the Sensus protective case is one of them. It is a product that protects your mobile device with variable pressure technology built in to it. The case has sensors on the back and sides of it that responds to electrical current from within your skin and the amount of force used while pressing on the case. This functions like your touch-screen. The concept behind Sunsus case is to allow the user to operate mobile apps, without having to touch your screen on your iPhone or Android smartphone. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. Currently, only apps that are developed for Sensus case will work with it. Checkout the video below and you can see what this amazing case and the technology behind it can do.

According to Canopy, Sensus will launch several devices over time, starting mid 2014, with the iPhone 5/5s. Then iPad Mini, iPhone 5c, iPod Touch, and future possibilities for Android and Window devices. MSRP for the Sensus is USD $99.00.

App Developers: 

Canopy is now shipping Sensus touch-sensitive iPhone 5/5s cases and Sensus software developer kits for app developers. The SDK includes multitouch and gesture recognition APIs, plugins for popular platforms such as Unity and Xamarin, as well as many new components for working with pressure data.

App developers who wish to apply for a Sensus Developer Kit may visit developer.getsensus.com. Canopy invites developers and interested partner companies to meet with its team at International CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2014, booth number MP40023.

LifeProof New Year’s 50% OFF Sale iPhone 5/5s, iPad/iPad Mini Merchandise

LifeProof New Year's Sale Caseaholic

LifeProof, the makers of one of the most popular waterproof and rugged cases is kicking off the new year 2014 with a 50% off sale promotion for their top selling products.

Here is a list of the items available at 50% Off:

iPhone 5/5sLifeProof Sample Sale Caseaholic
Car Mount
Bike & Bar Mount
Belt Clip

iPad/iPad Mini
Portfolio cover/stand for the iPad mini fre
Portfolio cover/stand for the iPad mini nuud
iPad mini cradle Universal Mount
LifeJacket for the iPad Mini
LifeProof Jacket 2/3/4
iPad cradle Universal Mount

The promotion will be available 12/31/2013 12:00PM PST until 1/7/2014 12:00PM PST US only

  • Use Promo Coupon Code: WRING50

HOT BUY: NazTech Universal Sport Armband Case for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus Ends 01-01-2014

Hot Buy: Nastech Armband Case

Hot Buy Deal for a universal sport armband case by Naztech from Meritline.com. Armband cases are always good to have in your collection. These cases can securely hold your iPhone or Android smartphone, securely for just about any activity.

This deal ends on January 1st, 2014 at 12:00AM (PST). See below for coupon code.

MSRP Price: $29.95
Meritline Original Price: $16.95
Discounted Coupon Code Price: $11.45 with FREE SHIPPING

Armband Case Workout CaseaholicDescription:

The ultra-comfortable and stylish Naztech Armband is a smart‚ versatile solution for people on the go. Now you can carry your iPhone or iPod Touch everywhere‚ while protecting it from scratches‚ dents and cosmetic damage. The armband offers a sleek design while the comfortable adjustable strap provides for a universal fit. The clear cover provides convenient access to the touch screen and an integrated key pocket that can hold your gym key. The Naztech iPhone or iPod Touch armband is the secure and convenient way to listen to your tunes while burning calories.

Secure Your Device-Without the Bulk. The ultra-comfortable and stylish Naztech Sports Armband is a smart‚ versatile solution for people on the go. Now you can carry your portable device everywhere‚ while protecting your screen from scratches and cosmetic damage. The armband offers a sleek design while the comfortable adjustable strap provides for a universal fit. The clear cover provides convenient access to the touch screen. Listen to your tunes while burning calories.

Special Features:
• Hand-Washable/Water Resistant Neoprene
• Clear Protective Window
• Touch Screen Friendly
• Adjustable Armband


Apple iphones
Samsung Android Phones
HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia Phones

MSRP: $29.95
Original Price: $16.95
Discounted Price: $11.45 with FREE SHIPPING

Use Coupon Code: MLCP30XN


ZAGG iFrogz Buy One Get One Free HeadPhones Sale BOGO Ends 12-13-2013 11:59 PM (MST)

caseaholic zagg bogo sale 2013

ZAGG iFrogz is having a 48 hour BOGO, Buy One Get One Free, sale on Headphones and Earbuds. That’s 50% OFF! It starts December 12, 2013 at 12:00 AM (MST) ends ZAGG iFrogz DJ Headphones Caseaholic NewsDecember 13, 2013 11:59 (MST). The free headphones or earbuds must be of equal or lessor value of your purchase. 

No coupon code necessary. Just select your headphones, add to the shopping cart, and it will automatically be adjusted.

ZAGG iFrogz has a wide arrange of headphones and earbuds to fit anybodies needs. From over the ear DJ style, traditional in ear earbuds and sport style earbuds.

This is an awesome 50% off sales opportunity. Don’t wait.

iFrogz I47IF-ARC-BLU Sport Earbuds Caseaholic

Check Them Out

iGear Unlimited Releases New iPad Air Leather 360° Swivel Case

iGear Unlimited iPadAir 360 Case Caseaholic

The new Apple iPad Air is thinner and 20% lighter than previous models which makes it more pleasing to carry around all day. Keeping your new investment protected and finding the correct case is most likely a top priority. I know it was for me. Finding the right case, depending on your circumstances, may prove to be problematic. Perhaps, the new Swivel Folio case from iGear Unlimited might just be the one for you.

Folio covers have become a very popular style of cases, primarily due to the many fabric and style options, full body protection, and functions it offers the iPad and tablets. Traditionally folio style cases are similar, to a degree, in design. They have some sort of a shell or base that holds the iPad/tablet securely, while protecting the back. There is a flap that wraps around the side of the iPad/tablet and covers the front screen while not in use. Besides protection, depending on the particular case, they provide adjustable viewing angles and more comfortable typing positions. Some folio cases do this better than others.

iGear Swivel iPad Air CaseiGear Unlimited new swivel case for the iPad Air may seem similar to the rest at first glance, however, there is one feature that makes it unique and quite possibly the case for you. The flap that protects the front screen rotates freely 360°. What this means is you are able to adjust the iPad Air tablet to the perfect viewing or operating position. Wither you are watching videos, doing a presentation, or typing, complete 360° free rotation allows the iPad Air to be positioned horizontally or vertically. This is a huge advantage over many other folio cases with vertical position difficulties. I myself enjoy this feature especially being able to view my screen vertically.

When it comes to colors and materials, I usually end up, most of the time, using a black executive looking case. I do own and use more colorful cases at times, but, black leather style is my primary go to. iGear Swivel case comes in black and is made with a durable padded leatherette material on the outside, and inside has soft fabric lining to help protect the screen. It also features an auto wake/sleep smart cover design. Every time you open the flap, it will wake up the iPad Air and make it ready to use. When you close the flap, it will turn it off.

Here is the description and features from the manufacturer:


Folio style protection for the iPad with 360º free rotation. Sets up the iPad in both orientations at a comfortable angle. Front glass protection when not in use.


  • Durable leatherette padded portfolio case
  • 360-degree free rotation swivel base
  • Full-body protection all around the iPad
  • Elastic band holds the iPad securely
  • Soft fabric lining protects iPad’s screen
  • Can be set up at multiple angles in both horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Auto wake/sleep smart cover design

7.5” x 9.5” x 0.75”; weight: 9.5 oz



“iGear’s top priority is to make cases that deliver the utmost protection to the device, they also want the product to be fun and pleasing to the eye.”

Another element to this case that is very attractive, the price! The average retail price for an iPad folio case is $49.99. iGear Unlimited has priced their folio case, very attractively, starting at $39.00. They offer tiered pricing discounts based on quantity. The price can go as low as $24.00, if you meet their required quantity. They also offer wholesale if you are a distributor or reseller. The tiered pricing option is great if you are interested in purchasing many units for a company, government agency or school institution. 

If this appears to be the right iPad Air folio case for you, go ahead and pick one up.



iDreamCase – A Work of Art & Protection for iPhone 5 5s 5c, iPad, Tablet, eReaders

iDreamCase cases is a work of art and protection made for the iPhone 5/5s 5c, iPad 2/3/4/, iPad Mini, Nexus 7 1st/2nd Gen, and Kindle Fire HD. They are not your usual production of assembly line manufactured folio, book cover, style cases outsourced overseas and brought back here to the US. These are made in the US with three decades of handcrafted artistry and meticulously eyed for perfection.


iDreamCase was founded by Gabi Hanoun, owner/CEO, and owner of Cardoza-James Binding, located in Northern California, San Francisco. Gabi Hanoun has three decades of Master Bookbinding experience which he artfully weaves into each case and sleeve.

In June 2013, Mr. Hanoun, was one of three panelists for the Breaker Challenge, where he discussed local manufacturing at Standford University. He explained his vision for iDreamCase.

Mr. Hanoun “Discussions and projects like Breaker Challenge are helping to connect the importance of locally-made products with the ongoing efforts to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation.”

Also in June 2013, iDreamCase received 1st Place in Citibank and SFMade Local Manufacturer Award. iDreamCase focuses on developing quality within their unique, handmade products.

Making of iDreamCase from iDreamCase on Vimeo.


What makes iDreamCase special is each case is handmade, in San Francisco, with imported genuine leather and/or elegant materials from Italy. Many of the product reviews I came across online, spoke about how great the quality of  the material used on their case felt. It was unlike any other case they held. Combine three decades of Master Bookbinder artistry with a passion and strong commitment for superior quality, what you get is peerless quality and elegance.

iPhone 5/5s/5c collection includes Genuine Leather, Triple Gold Edition, and a sleeve.

Genuine Leather Stand Case – $39.95: Handmade with genuine leather. The leather is extremely resistant to light and will not fade. The iPhone is securely held within a rubberized tray allowing full access to phone features while the case is open. The case will allow you to view your phone in landscape, with adjusted angles for your viewing preference. A richly crafted band wraps around the case to secure your iPhone 5/5s. Custom monogram to personalize your case is available – additional $9.95. This collection is available in Black, Red, Green, Burgundy and Brown.

iDreamCase Black Leather iPhone 5

Triple Gold Edition IDC Stand Case– $34.95: Handmade with imported fabric from Italy. This fabric is extremely resistant to light and will not fade. The iPhone is securely held within a tray allowing full access to phone features while the case is open. The case will allow you to view your phone in landscape, with adjusted angles for your viewing preference. A richly crafted band wraps around the case to secure your iPhone 5/5s. Custom monogram to personalize your case is available – additional $9.95. This collection is available in Gold, Blue, Sunset, Natural, Pistachio, Aqua, Crimson, and Steel.

iDreamCase Gold

Sleeve iPhone 5/5s $9.95: Handmade with elegant imported fabric from Italy. They are stain, light, fade resistant and will not tear or fray with use. Colors available: Black, Ivory, Burgundy, Blue, and Crimson. Personalization with Monogram additional $9.90

iDreamCase Sleeve iPhone 5/5S BlackWe have seen many folio book cover style cases that are similar for double the price. iDreamCase offers exceptional product at a very reasonable price. This holiday season, show someone you care about them, and their iPhone, iPad, and/or Tablet , with a piece of sophisticated luxury. This will also make a great gift for yourself.

NORDSTROM Rack Kate Spade iPhone 5 5s Cases Holiday Deals

Nordstrom Tech Gifts

This holiday shopping season NORDSTROM Rack is promoting deep discount on fashion name brand iPhone cases, Kate Spade New York, and other tech toys. We sometimes overlook outlet stores for tech deals with great savings. For instance, a recent email from Nordstrom Rack promoting Kate Spade New York iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s cases, normally $40, starting at $15 and other tech gifts starting at $10. If you live near a NORDSTROM Rack, it just might be worth a trip to find holiday tech gifts at a discount.

If you prefer to shop from your computer, checkout Amazon for some great deals on Kate Spade New York iPhone cases.

Nordstrom Kate Spade iPhone 5/5s Cases Caseaholic


Add Swiss Protection to Your iPhone 5 5s with SCASE

SCASE Helvetia Red Caseaholic

Adding Swiss protection to your iPhone 5 5s is easy with the new “Helvetia” case by SCASE. You may ask, who or what is SCASE? It is a new case company, (Zurich, Switzerland),  founded in 2012 by a group of product designers and led by creative designer Boris Brawer. He previously worked with accessory manufactures in Taiwan and giant telecom ZTE Corp. Even though they are a new company, with their first product release, it is re-assuring these guys have nearly a decade of knowledgable background in the case industry.

Scase Helvetia Granite Grey Caseaholic

Scase is a new maker of mobile accessories and we have just released our first iPhone 5/5S case. Our first case “Helvetia” is an ultra-durable high grade TPU case that was designed to give the iPhone ultimate protection with a stunning design. The case provides outstanding grip and the front side features a lay-on-the-table design that protects the screen. The backside of the case highlights a unique design pattern of diagonal Swiss crosses. The crosses have a matte finish while the spaces in-between are glossy, giving the case a striking contrast. Two crosses on the side mark the volume rockers while the bottom of the case has precise cut-outs that resemble Apples’ original design. All of Scase’s products will share a characteristic “Swiss Look” and we will release more stunning designs in 2014.

Helvetia is available in two colors, Granite Grey and Swiss Red. They retail for $34.90. SCASE offers a one year limited warranty. If you are a reseller, distributor or wholesaler, make sure to reach out to them. I’m sure they are looking for additional distribution.


LifeProof Cyber Monday Sales & Coupon Codes

LifeProof Cyber Monday Sales and Coupon Codes for 2013. LifeProof is best known for making one of, if not the first, fully submersible water proof rugged cases for the iPhone 4 4s. They have expanded their water proof case line up to include iPhone 5 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Gen 2/3/4, iPad Mini, iPod Gen 4/5, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. There is more to the LifeProof case than just being able to submerse it under water.

Made with the thinnest, lightest and toughest advance technology available, accidental drops, outdoor activity, dirt, sand, mud, snow, water sports and anything else you can possibly put your phone through, the LifeProof, frë iPhone 5 5s and other models, case is built to provide your phone complete freedom and protection.

LifeProof Specs iPhone 5 5s

As you can see, the LifeProof case is definitely a case you want in your collection for those special occasions or maybe your E.D.C (Ever Day Cover).

LifeProof Cyber Monday deals:

Starts: 12/2 @ 12:00am EST
Ends: 12/2 @ 11:59pm EST

Primary Offer:
15% off all LifeProof Product (yes, even the new cases) Promo code: E13122

Secondary Offers: 

75% off iPhone 5/5s arm band (no promo code needed)

75% off iPhone 5/5s belt clip (no promo code needed)

75% off iPhone 5/5s car mount (no promo code needed)

75% off iPhone 5/5s bike mount (no promo code needed)

Conditions: Promotion codes can not be combined. Limited inventory. No rain checks on products that go out of stock. Promotion available to US and Canada only.
LifeProof Cyber Monday Sale