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Review Speck FabShell Case Samsung Galaxy S 3 S3 III

Speck FabShell Case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is one of the newest, in a series, of new Galaxy S III cases just released from Speck. The FabShell series offers protection along with unique pattern designs that’s fashionable, colorful and fun.

The Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is a one-piece fabric-backed case constructed with reinforced hard plastic on the back side and a flexible rubberized material, but durable, along the edges of the case. The combination of both hard and flexible materials protects the phone from everyday wear and tear of accidental, or not, bumps and drops. The rubberized edges with reinforced corners help with absorbing shock due to impact. The buttons are also protected with shock absorbing rubber material for added protection. You will find a nice rubber bezel around the front of the case to provide added LCD Screen protection if and when you lay the Samsung Galaxy SIII face down.

When we examined the case up close, you can see the different materials used, from the inner part of the case, where the back hard plastic plate seamlessly molds into the flexible rubber used on the edges. This is were you can tell Speck’sworkmanship it top-notch.

The canvas like fabric on the backside of the Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is what makes this case unique. It is molded in to the case, which they have done an excellent job molding fabric to plastic and it shows when looking at the case. After testing the case for a bit, we did not experience any issues with the fabric coming apart, bubbling, pealing or other issues. The fabric feels like lightweight canvas. It’s a little rough to the touch, but not unpleasing. It actually provides addition grip while holding it in your hand.

The Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 is fully functional while in use. All the appropriate cutout for the camera, flash, speaker, mics and charger ports is accessible.

– Styles & color options
– easy installation & removal
– Durability of materials

– Price
– No screen protector
– lack of additional patter styles

The Speck FabShell case Samsung Galaxy S 3 MSRP Price is $34.95



Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases Now Available

Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases is now available for purchase. Shopping for a case can be a difficult task, for some. Some feature are more important than others, depending on your preference. For instance, choosing that right color, texture, thickness, design, and/or durability. How about warranty? If the case falls apart per-maturely, is the manufacture going to stand behind their product. All valid questions to ask. I can hear you know, some of you think this is overkill. Just by any case, who cares. Well my fellow caseaholic’s, I want you to immediately put that wonderful Samsung Galaxy S III android smartphone in your hand right NOW and look down at it! Your entire life is in it. It deserves to be wrapped with a case you can be proud of.

Do not hesitate and check out the hottest Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases.  Shop for the Barely There case at just $25, the Glam case at $40, the Tough case at $35, the Pop! case with stand at $35 and the Brushed Aluminum case at $40.

  Shop for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 cases at Case-Mate.com

Review Speck Samsung Galaxy S 3 CandyShell Case S III

Speck Samsung Galaxy S 3 Candyshell is a case you should truly consider to wrap your phone around to keep it protected and stylish. The Speck Samsung Galaxy S 3 CandyShell is a dual layer-one piece design case. The outer part of the case is a

hardshell plastic molded together with a rubberized layer for the interior lining. The outer shell protects from daily wear and tear, scratches, and scrapes. The rubberized interior layer offers shock absorption to protect against drops.

Speck also made sure to give some LCD protection love for the Samsung Galaxy S III by a rubberized raised screen bezel. This helps prevent scratches to the LCD screen when laying the Galaxy S3 face down. There is also another benefit, it provides better grip while holding the case in your hand. Rubber continues to overflow and cover both side buttons, offering additional protection.

Rest assured while the CandyShell is warped around Samsung’s Galaxy S3, there is full access to all ports and controls.

Make sure to watch the video review of Specks Samsung Galaxy S 3 CandyShell case. If you have any questions, let us know and we will try to help.

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about Speck Samsung Galaxy S3 CandyShell.

  • Would you buy it?
  • What do you think about it?
  • do you own it, would you recommend it?


ZAGG Awarded Patent for ZAGGmate® Keyboard Case

ZAGG Awarded Patent for ZAGGmate® Keyboard Case. ZAGG Inc, a leading mobile device accessories and technology company, announced that ZAGG Intellectual Property Holding Co., Inc. has been awarded patent number D659,139 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, issued on May 8, 2012. The patent covers design elements of ZAGG’s popular ZAGGmate case and keyboard accessory for tablets.

The ZAGGmate is a protective and functional accessory for tablets that accentuates the utility and convenience of handheld devices with a very thin and sleek design. The ZAGGmate features a simple and innovative stand system for use in both portrait and landscape mode. In addition, a built-in wireless Bluetooth® keyboard allows for fast, responsive typing and interaction with the tablet’s features. The ZAGGmate is available for all versions of Apple’s® iPad®, including the iPad 2 and third generation iPad, and the Samsung® Galaxy Tab 10.1.

“As a leader in bringing creative product solutions to this very competitive market, ZAGG understands how critical it is to provide IP brand protection for our customers and shareholders,” said Robert G. Pedersen II, CEO and chairman of ZAGG. “This increasing extension of ZAGG’s intellectual property protection adds value as we continue to establish ZAGG as the preferred brand in mobile device accessories and technology.”

Review INCIPIO Silicrylic DualPro Case for HTC One X – Caseaholic

I got my hands on the new INCIPIO SILICRYLIC DualPro case for the HTC One X Android phone (AT&T or World). Being a case-aholic, finding that perfect case is nearly impossible. If you are anything like me, read on to see if this is the right one for you or if you prefer, scroll down to the bottom and watch the video.

Cases, cases, and more cases! What to choose? Do I want something with minimal or maximum protection? Or perhaps I don’t care about protection, I just want a cool looking case! Can’t I have both? Well my fellow caseAholics, I do believe your in luck. Let me explain.

The Silicrylic DualPro case series features two layers of protections. The first layer is a durable, soft to the touch, silicone skin that wraps your phone. It covers the entire back, sides, and provides a lip around the top of the screen. Having a lip around

the screen is a fantastic feature. I can’t tell you how many times, in the past, with other cases I’ve used, that did not have a lip, and I would lay my phone face down, I know you have too, only to find scratches on my LCD screen. Thankfully I use screen protectors and that’s an easy replacement. But, it is still an extra expense to buy a new protector. The sides, top and bottom of the silicone skin, where it is exposed, is thicker

than rest of the area, which is designed to absorb shock if you drop your phone or bang it against something. There is a cutout for the camera, speaker, headphone jack and bottom mic.

The second layer of protection is this flexible and durable plastic hard shell made out of Polycarbonate. It has a matte rubberized texture armor coating designed to minimize visible wear and tear and provide extra grip. I have found that the design of the Polycarbonate plate covers the back and corners perfectly. Combined this with the silicone skin, it provides a smooth seamless feel, slim and full wraparound protection.

Also, included with this case is a screen protector for added protection.

Incase Apple Accessories Offers 50% Off

Incase CasesI love Incase accessories, especial when I can receive 50% off. They make some of the best and unique products for apple devices, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro. They have a wide selection of products, including cases, sleeves, bags, backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags, chargers and headphones. They also offer the highest quality materials within their products, warranty and great customer service.

It is rare to find any promotional coupon codes or see their products discounted. You can imagine when I saw this Google Offers offer, $50 value for $25, which is 50% off, I jumped on this deal. With Fathers Day just around the corner, this is perfect timing. I made sure to forward this blog post over to my wife, for her to view. The $50 value can be used towards iPhone, iPad, and MacBook accessories.

Fathers Day Tip: My recent product I purchased from them, was the Over the Ear headphones, Sonic. These headphones rock with sound quality and very comfortable. I used them almost everyday. I take them with me everywhere, even on the plane when I travel. I would highly recommend you check these out.

This offer ends June 16th, so stop thinking about it and click on the link, Google Offers offer

Google Offer Incase Details


INCIPIO Goes Crazy with Canvas Feather Cases for iPhone 4/4s

INCIPIO goes crazy with Canvas Feather cases for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4s. With summer just around the corner, iPhone 4 / 4s users can look forward to an assortment of fashionable case designs to meet anybodies style without sacrificing protection.

The Canvas Feather cases is available in 6 different category collections, Tribal Tech, Yacht club, Color Blockade, Linear Lineage, Mix & Mingle, and Party Animal. Each of the collections present a certain design concept and characteristic Expression. All of them created by Incipio’s world class design team.

The Canvas Feather Tribal Tech case collection rocks a unique pyramid design with two different color options, earthen green or gray.

The Canvas Feather Yacht Club case collection appeals to your inner open sea adventures. With three nautical design prints to choose from you can promote your seafaring spirit.

The Canvas Feather Color Blockade case collection showcases trendy art-deco modern look. There are four color combinations ranging from (pink, green, black), (blue, orange, black), (white, black, blue), and the most vibrant colors of them all is (yellow, hot pink, black).

The Canvas Feather Linear Linage case collection offers sophisticated design with aesthetically pleasing sharp lines and solid colors. Available in seven different options.

The Canvas Feather Mix & Mingle case collection offers an assortment of fun pattern options from basic all black to bright zigzag horizontal lines. A total of six variables available.

The Canvas Feather Party Animal case collection will bring out your wild side. You can now show-off your iPhone 4/4s with a verity of classic wild animal prints while you are on the prowl.

Canvas Feather Features:

  • Form fitting polycarbonate shell
  • Measuring about 1mm in thickness
  • Low profile protection
  • Nylon Canvas Back
  • Custom cutout for full access
  • 2 Surface LCD screen protectors

With over 25 Canvas Feather case print options to choose from, your iPhone 4/4s will be fashionable for the summer. If you’re a Caseaholic like us, you will be able to show off your EXPRESSION, you will have an OBSESSION with so many options and have PROTECTION. 


Google Offers 60% OFF INCIPIO Feather for iPhone 4/4s

Google Offers is having a promotion for 2 Incipio Feather iPhone 4/4s cases at 60% off. This offer comes directly from Incipio.com, which is rare for a manufacture to offer such a deep discount directly to the consumer. The MSRP for each case is $24.99, with this deal you will be getting two for $19.99 and shipping is included.

The Incipio Feather for iPhone 4/4s is a great case if you want something thin (1 mm), light weight,  and with a reasonable amount of daily use protection from scratches and minor bumps. It’s no Otterbox Defender, but hey for the price it is definitely worth adding them to your case collection.

Also, you can find some great deals on Amazon.com, starting at $5.00, plus shipping if you happen to miss out on this Google Offer from Incipio.

Seidio Active Rugged Case Cover for Apple iPad 2 Review

Seidio Active iPad 2 KitThere are few rugged case options for the Apple iPad 2. Seidio is one of the few manufactures that makes such a case. Seidio has released their ACTIVE case line and is now available for the Apple iPad 2. The Active case is available in Black, Blue and Amethyst/ Purple.

Seidio’s ACTIVE case line features a hybrid design. It is a two part case, silicone skin with an outer durable polymer shell. The benefits of this hybrid design it provides optimal protection. The Seidio Active case for the Apple iPad 2 features these same benefits.

Seidio ACTIVE case for the Apple iPad 2 has three pieces.

The first layer of protection is the silicone membrane skin. This wraps snugly over the iPad 2. The silicone skin provides shock protection against bumps and misfortune drops. The silicone skin also helps prevent dust and dirt from getting in between the case. Seidio has done an excellent job making sure you have access cutouts for the side lock/mute button, headphone jack, mic, camera, charger port and speaker.

The second layer of protection is the durable polymer cover that overlays the silicone skin. This gives the entire case extra strength and provides your Apple iPad 2 added protection. Once it is one, it protects all four corners of the iPad, side and back. It is coated with Seidio’s famous rubberized texture material. This provides added grip, durability and prolong life. With the rubberized coating, it is much more difficult to scratch the surface. There is clear plastic that covers the Apple logo and prevents it from getting scratched.

The third part of the case is the multi-purpose protective cover. This is truly a great addition to the ACTIVE Seidio case. The multi-purpose protective cover provides the ultimate protection for the Apple iPad 2 LCD screen. It also features

Seidio’s signature rubberized coating. And it has two special skid pads. One on the left and right side. The skid pads helps prevent the cover from sliding when the video stand is in use. That is right, you read correctly, iPad stand. The multi-purpose protective cover has a belt in iPad stand with fifteen (15) different angles to choose from.

The iPad stand is a fantastic option to have. With the fifteen different angle options, you are sure to find just the right angle for all of your activities. The iPad stand is very simple to use. It unsnaps from the multi-purpose protective cover, pull down the chrome stand and select your angle. There is velvet material on top of the stand that offers extra grip while your iPad is resting against it. When you are done using the stand, simply snap it back in place and it will be ready for the next time you need to use it.

Here are the ACTIVE case specs from Seidio’s website:

Created for those that have and want to maintain their active lifestyle, the ACTIVE™ case provides great shock absorption while adding minimal bulk to your Apple iPad 2.  This two-layer case features a compact and lightweight rubber polymer with a precisely positioned hard skeleton for added protection on the corners and sides.

Additionally, the multi-purpose protective cover can be placed over the screen to protect your device during transit and can be easily removed and used as a stand to prop up your device.

– Interior casing made from highly durable and shock-absorbing polymer
– Hard exterior skeleton finished with our signature rubberized coating provides extra protection at impact points
– Lightweight case at 3.5 oz
– Mullti-purpose cover shields the screen when iPad 2 is not in use and becomes a built-in stand
– iPad 2 can be propped up in portrait or landscape and can be adjusted in up to 15 different viewing angles


Overall thoughts:

This is a great case option if you are looking for optimum protection. I personally could not give any negative feedback because I could not find any. The Seidio ACTIVE case for the Apple iPad 2 performs according to Seidio’s description.

The MSRP is $69.95, you can find a great deal on Amazon.

First Look: M&M® Candy Design Cases by Incipio for Apple iPhone 4 4s

INCIPIO M&M Feather Cases iPhone 4 4s

Any true Caseaholic needs to get there hands on one of these limited edition INCIPIO M&M design candy cases for the iPhone 4 4s. INCIPIO will possibly release the M&M® design style cases for mass production at some point down the line. But for now, hush hush! There are two different M&M style cases with multiple colors options.  You have the M&M® Dotties silicone style case and the very popular Ultra Light Feather case.

INCIPIO M&M Feather Cases iPhone 4 4s

The INCIPIO M&M Dotties design is made out of a durable silicone material with interchangeable dots, which resemble the M&M® candies. This case is an offspring of their previous iPhone 3G 3Gs case, Dotties. Each of the INCIPIO M&M® Dotties design style

INCIPIO M&M Dotties Silicone Case iPhone 4 4s


case comes with extra interchangeable dots. Currently I am only aware of four colors this case comes in, White, Blue, Black and Red. Each of the cases have colored dots that resembles the actual M&M® candy color characters. The dot colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown and Orange. INCIPIO also customized the retail packaging to resemble the M&M® candy theme. I believe this will would be a great case to add to your collection for those moments you want to express your fondness for M&M®. I personally like the green M&M®. What is your favorite?

The second INCIPIO M&M® style case is in their Feather design case. The style is another unique case with a cool design. This case is made with INCIPIO’s very popular Ultra Feather Light case for the iPhone 4 4s. The design on these cases is from the M&M® characters faces. They come in a Green, Blue, Red and Orange. If you are an M&M® fan, but do not like wild looking cases, then this will be the one for you.


UPDATE: The Incipio Feather M&M cases packaging has been updated with to resemble the Dotties packaging.

I believe INCIPIO should mass produce these M&M® Apple iPhone 4 cases and offer them to the public. What do you think? Would you sport one of these on your iPhone 4?

UPDATE: They are in production and available now!

UPDATE: The cases will be available at M&M stores across the United States, as well as, HEB Grocery Stores, located throughout the State of Texas. To learn more about the M&M feather® and dotties® or to purchase online, please visit Incipio at myincipio.com.


MonsterCable’s iClean for iPod, iPad and iPhone Review

Tired of having to clean your screen with a cleaner that doesn’t only damage your screen but doesn’t remove the bacteria that is growing beneath all that dirt?
MonsterCable is Proud to present iClean for iPad, iPod and iPhone a revolutionary cleaning system that guarantees the removal of bacteria growing under the dirt that sticks to the screen in your devices.

For a long time I’ve looked around and tried a lot of cleaning products out there that would not only clean the screen from my iDevice, but CLEAN the screen as an wipe germs and bacteria that grows within and actually give it the feel that is clean.
Mostly because i have a 3 year old kid that loves to play with my iPad all the time, so i needed something to keep that precious Clean for my Precious, My kid.
With MonsterCable’s iClean I finally get what i have been looking for, MonsterCable was awesome and sent this out for review, so check out my first impressions on my video and see for your self the wonders of this amazing product, 100% Recommended by the CaseAHOLIC Team.

Thank You MonsterCable for the opportunity in reviewing a product that is by far the best cleaner for my iDevices screens, iClean.
For more information on this excellent product visit their site at:
Available for $19.95 at the time of this post.
Remember to follow them on twitter for more giveaways.

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Going Dancing’s ShowStopper WristBand Review

Saying how much I love this new accessory is the understatement of the year. What I have right here is an excellent product made by an Australian company called Going Dancing. The Show Stopper, is a Wrist-Designer Bag, that allows you the ability of moving around without worrying about carrying too many things at once in your hands. By letting you store credit cards, drivers license, cards and even a cellphone.

I am an on-the-go Mom, I always have something in my hands and too little grasp to hold everything including holding my little one’s hand, and as much as I love bags, having to carry so many things at once, sometimes gets old. The truth is, that i enjoy the ability of having something handy without having to look deep inside one of those bags to get my phone or my license or even my money when needed.

The ShowStopper gives me that and more, with having my hands free again i can finally say i can head out with a stylish bag that will allow me to have my stuff ready and handy, the Showstopper comes in 41 designs/colors and its available for $49.95 as the time of this posting, comes in excellent packing, and the designs vary for every occasion.

There is Show Stoppers for Men, Women and even Children, for the sports lover, or the party goer, for the student or even for a bride! there is a style for everything, you name it there is one.
My iPhone 4 or my iPhone 3GS fit inside which is a sign that other cellphone brands, Blackberry, HTC or even a Droid fit as well.
So wont you check it out and give it a try?, you might have just found that one accessory you cant live without, now that i have one, i know I wont be able to head out without it, for it has become the savior of my hands : ).

ShowStopper information from their website:

versatile silver Designer Handbag for women or silver wallet for men, the Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper keeps all your essentials safe in compact casual style.
A neat and versatile silver purse for women or silver wallet for guys, the Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper keeps all your essentials safe in compact casual style.
Fixing securely to your left or right wrist with a strong, adjustable buckled strap, this silver purse/wallet fastens tight with the support of three large gold or silver press studs. Inside, two ample pockets at the front neatly store your ID, money and cards; the large centre pouch comfortably holds your mobile or MP3 player; and concealed behind is a zippered pocket to keep your keys, change and extra cash safe.

Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper dimensions:

* Outer dimensions: Length: 120mm, width: 70mm, depth: 30mm

* Strap fits wrist diameter: 180mm to 270mm

* Front money/card pocket: Length: 110mm, width: 30mm

* Second card/ID pocket: Length: 110mm, width: 40mm

* Phone pouch/MP3 pouch: Length: 110mm, width: 60mm, depth: 20mm

* Zippered rear pocket: Length: 80mm, width: 50mm

Front feature and strap buckles: Gold or silver

Made of thick quality nylon with a robust rubber strap and extra-strong nylon stitching, the oh-so-comfy and secure Silver Aniseed Modern Showstopper makes a hip and hard-wearing silver purse/wallet.

Last Thoughts:
I tend to head out every time, by grabbing my keys on one hand with my phone, and my little kid’s hand, and on the other; my dog, with my cards and other stuff (Talk about multi-tasking, the joys of Motherhood!) Seriously, you have to do some tweaking to get all this to work, put cards in your back pockets or even your phone, be able to hold a bag too, then you get ready to drive when you realize you’re seating on your phone? Or you get ready to go to a party and you realize you are wearing a dress, it has NO pockets!, you go to the beach, you have nothing to carry your primary stuff with because your hands are full with a surfboard or beach accessories!?
With the Showstopper there is finally a solution to all of these. Trust me, the ShowStopper is here to stay and revolutionize the way you handle your gadgets or your cards and even your money, I absolutely love mine, now that it’s here, there are 41 Designs/colors to choose from, and I’m covered all the way!


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STMBags Scout Medium Laptop Shoulder Bag Review

There are a lot of overpriced laptop or notebook shoulder bags in the market. Some are mainly the brand that you are paying for and for the same reason I encountered my self hesitant in buying any bag at all for my Macbook Pro 15” or my 17” Gateway FX Laptop.

Some of the bags I was drawn to in the past have been more for protection and the ability for carrying most my accessories in one trip and saving me the hassle of traveling with multiple carrying bags so the bags previously mentioned didn’t fit one nor my budget or my goal when it comes to accessibility and protection without leaving out the Style part.

STM Bags presented me with the Medium Scout Shoulder Laptop Bag for Laptop computers up to 15.4” in size and all i can say is now my search for the perfect Laptop shoulder bag is Over, I found what I’ve been looking for all along.

This Shoulder Laptop bag features a lot of pockets, the main compartment is big enough for the snuggle and protection of a 15.4” laptop computer, its interior felt lining and high density foam protect your main device from every angle, let it be for drops or even spills give that the Material on the outside is also water resistant Canvas and Water resistant Nylon.

This Bag was made for the protection of all your gadgets + accessories.
It also features a back pocket that allows you to store folders or other documents as well as the middle insert within the bag it self which allows you to store even an Apple iPad.

It also features 2 extra pockets that have the extra room for storing other on the go accessories, along with Pen holders, a keychain hook and a passport pocket and an adjustable padded shoulder strap in case of the event of a trip to make the carrying of the bag even more comfortable. It is also Airport friendly which is one of the things i love the most about this bag.

Overall is a great product, STMBags provides great costumer service and the bag will most definitely help you carry the deed you’re in to, let that be school or work or even if you are an on the go tech geek and even a Stay at home Mom like I am, this bag os perfect for any and every occasion.

Thank You STM Bags for the product I’m proud to call one of the best Laptop Bags i have tried by far.

For more information visit STM Bags.com website?

First Video Review: Incipio Ultra Light Feather Hard Case for Apple iPad

INCIPIO has released their Feather light case for the Apple iPad. The Feather line of cases have been, and still is, a favorite case for many Apple Touch, iPhone and Macbook Pro users. The Incipio Feather case is made with a durable ultra light, ultra strong polymer, with a rubberized soft touch matte finish. Measuring less than 1mm thin and form-fitting, it is ideal for the user seeking inconspicuous, first-class protection.

The Feather iPad Case comes bundled with a glossy screen protector, cleaning cloth, and applicator card. Which is an added bonus since many iPad case manufactures do not include a screen protector with their cases.

There is definitely a purpose for the Incipio Feather as you may not always want a bulky, heavy case for your iPad. However, that does not mean you want to sacrifice protection. The durable polymer, along with the tight snug fit, will provide your iPad ample protection. The complete back is covered along with both left and right sides of your iPad. The top and bottom is not covered, however, we did not have any issues during our test. The most vulnerable parts of the iPad is the back and sides, which is covered. The screen protector included with the case provides your iPad with complete protection.

The rubberized matte coating used on the Incipio Feather has many benefits. It helps while gripping/holding your iPad in your hand and it is much more difficult for the case to scratch. It also helps prolong the life of the case.

Another great benefit of the Incipio Feather iPad case is that it will work with the iPad Dock and iPad Keyboard Dock.