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Gelaskins BookShelf Skin Style for Apple iPad Review and Installation

iPad GeleSkin Bookshelf

iPad GeleSkin BookshelfI have been fond of skins before from other companies, this time, Gelaskins has taken over my love for any other skin i might have liked in the past.

The Team at Gelaskins sent this out for review, and when i got their package i couldn’t believe my eyes, they sent this skin, the one skin I thought i would be buying from them to cover “My Precious” (My Apple iPad of course) and ever since my hands had been itching for the installation video.

As you can see the finish of this amazing skin is soft, the print is as mentioned before a book shelf, a great to express the way i feel about my iPad to the world, the reason why i couldn’t love this skin more.

My iPad is used mostly for reading, this Skin from Gelaskins, just added that extra touch to my obsession for skins and cases overall. Great style with great protection for the back of my iPad with a great customization of my iPad overall.

Check out my review on Youtube channel for tips and tricks on how to install and also a giveaway going to skin your iPod or your iPhone Courtesy of Gelaskins.com.

Remember to enter the giveaway by entering this comment:
Gelaskins– your device and your comment.

Huge Thank You to the Gelaskins Team for sending this out.

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To get this awesome skin go to www.Gelaskins.com and find the skin that will helps you express the way you feel, after all we’re all CaseAholics!.

Waterfield Designs SF Bags iPad Slip Case Review

Want great Protection for your iPad without compromising style? SFBags has you covered.

The Team at SFBags.com sent this out for review and i couldn’t be more pleased with this amazing product as it has become one of my favorite accessories for my new Apple Family addition, my  most beloved Apple iPad.
The iPad Slip Case is the perfect case that provides protection while at the same time it cleans your iPad screen, want to hear more?

Its water Proof outer material adds protection against spills and other accidental mishaps. Slide your iPad in and use the handy tab at the bottom to help you ease it back out when you need it.

A choice of six vibrant colors makes your case easy to find amidst the detritus of your bag contents. Sleek, simple, protection. SFBags has you covered.

The price as of this post is a very affordable $29.00, available in 6 vibrant colors Blue, Black, Green, Brown, Silver and Red, a product that wont disappoint and for the price you pay and the plus about this slip case is that you will get the protection you have been longing for your iPad.

Use it inside another Bag, a Laptop Bag or just a normal purse for girls this will be the one product that will protect your iPad from any scuffs you might get along the way.

Visit WaterField for your iPad cases.

Expired – Calling all Switcheasy CASEAHOLIC’s! Major Giveaway!


If you’re a CASEAHOLIC, then you must surely know who Switcheasy is. They are the makers of some of the highest rated cases for the iPhone and iPod, by iLounge.com. If you do not own one of their fantastic cases, well, here is your chance to win one for free.

Switcheasy’s Team and their Unofficial Facebook Fan Page will be giving away, approximately 30, cases once they have reached 1,000 fans. This giveaway is open to all US Residents. International fans can enter if they have a US address. Here is what you need to do to enter in the giveaway for a chance to win a Switcheasy case:

The following steps below must be followed in order to be entered.

Additional Entry Methods:

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  • Retweet this EXACT message, on Twitter. Simply copy and paste the text below and post it to your Twitter account. If you don‘t have a Twitter account, you‘ll need to get one for free here: https://www.twitter.com If you dont have a Twitter Account, You must still keep up and be Fan of CaseAholic.

RT @caseaholic I’m a Fan of Switcheasy Facebook Fan Page. Become a fan now https://bit.ly/amiG08 to get in the Giveaway

Once Switcheasy’s unofficial Facebook Fan Page reaches 1,000 fans, winners will be randomly selected and announced on SwitchEasy & Caseaholic Facebook Fan Pages.

Winners will receive 1 Switcheasy case.

Winners will not be able to pick their case and given that It’s a Giveaway Product these are not to be Warrantied by SwitchEasy.

Cases will be shipped out by regular US Postal Service First Class Mail. If you have any questions, you may post a comment on Switcheasy official Facebook Fan Page where Jmona will be more than happy to answer all of  your questions.

DO NOT CONTACT SWITCHEASY DIRECTLY! Although the Cases are Given by the SwitchEasy Team for the Fans, Jmona is Handling the Giveaway on the Unofficial Facebook Fan Page., All Other questions can be posted on the Discussion Boards as well.

If its an inquiry non related to the Giveaway you can contact the SwitchEasy Teams Directly.

Good Luck to All CASEAHOLIC’s!

CaseCrown’s iPad Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag Review

CaseCrown Laptop Notebook Bag 1

CaseCrown is a company that sells many different accessories for the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Netbooks, Notebooks and electronic devices. They offer many different style cases and bags to fit everyone’s needs and style. Majority of the products they sell has received great feedback. That is why I decided to purchase the Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag for my Apple iPad, off their website.

I fell in love with CaseCrown’s Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag when I received it. The Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag has so many great qualities and features, I do not know where to start talking about it. Whither your a tech gadget guru or just someone who needs a great quality messenger bag, for your iPad or Netbook, CaseCrown’s Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag may be what your looking for.

CaseCrown notebook bagThe material used to make the Vertical Mobile Bag feels very durable. There is ample padding throughout the bag and compartments to provide protection for my iPad. The compartment where you insert your Apple iPad or Netbook has a strap with Velcro to hold it in place to ensure your device is secure.

The adjustable shoulder strap included with it can be adjusted to fit just about any height of a person. This was one of my concerns, since I am a women, and not very tall, I was afraid that the shoulder strap would not accommodate me. I had no problem adjusting the shoulder strap to fit me correctly.

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets is a great feature the Vertical Mobile Messenger bag has. It comes with a total of 9 pockets. 3 of them are zippered. I can’t imagine I will ever run out of space to store all of my accessories to go with my iPad or Netbook. Being a women, you can never have to many pockets. It also includes 2 dedicated pen holders, 3 credit card/business card pockets and a ID pocket.

The Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag comes in two colors, Black or Brown.

The current price for this bag is $29.92, as of this posting. Suggested Retail price for this bag is $69.99.

Head on over to CaseCrown to take advantage of a great messenger bag at a great price.

Bag Features:

  • The Vertical Mobile Messenger Bag can be used with Netbooks up to 10″ or the Apple iPad.
  • It has 9 pockets including 3 zippered compartments.
  • Front, back, interior, side, flap pockets to accommodate iPad and other accessories
  • Separate laptop slot with excellent padding and secure Velcro closure

Macally Metro Link Apple iPad Case Review

I just happened to drop in on some friends that happen to have a few Macally cases for the iPad that will be released in the next few days. They were kind enough to allow me to spend a few minutes and take a quick video and pictures of one of them. I am glad I carry my Flip recorder with me everywhere I go, because today it came in handy.

Macally makes some great products for Apple devices. Their new line of Macally Apple iPad cases is going to be a top contender for one of the better case options. I was able to look at all five of the Macally iPad case models, MetroClear, MetroLink, MetroChrome, MSuit, and Metro Black. Out of all of them, I liked the MetroLink. So that is the one I opened and I am going to share with you.

All of the Macally iPad cases comes in a Plastic box. The box is flimsy but I guess it works to protect the case as it travels from the warehouse to the distributors.

My first impression after removing the Metro Link case from the package was quit surprising. I could not believe the case was as light as it was. I thought this case, just like most iPad cases are going to be heavy and bulky. That is not the issue with the MetroLink Macally iPad case. It is very sleek, lighter than expected, and it feels durable.

The MetroLink case is a hybrid design case. It has a hard frosted clear plastic back and black rubber silicone around the entire edge. Very similar to a Griffin Reveal iPhone case. The back frosted clear plastic felt very durable. Macally was able to design Metro Link iPad case with the right plastic thickness to give it the durability it needs without sacrificing protection and style. There are four small nubs, on the the back center of the Metro Link case, to prevent it from touching the surface and scratches on the back of the case while laying it down. I would take some precaution that the nubs on the back of the Macally MetroLink case does not scratch the surface you are laying your iPad on. For example a very nice wood furniture, desk, and/or table.

The rubber silicone edge did not feel cheap or flimsy. It did have some resilience to it. The rubber Silicone edge will provide you with that extra grip while holding it in your hand. The Power / Sleep and Rocker buttons are covered with the rubber silicone. The rest of the ports are not covered.

Since I did not have an iPad to actually put the case on, I could not tell you how the Macally MetoLink actually fits on the iPad. Once I get my iPad, will add the follow up to the post. Overall, this a great looking case. I would definitely add Metro Link to your list of possible cases for your iPad collection.


MSRP: $29.95



Skooba Design for Apple iPad Neo-Sleeve

First off, I would like to say that I have never been a person that likes to put my gadgets in a sleeve Sleeve. There have been quite a few I have tried in the past and just didn’t like. After trying the Skooba Design iPad / Netbook Neo-Sleeve I can tell you it has changed my perception of Sleeves in general.

The Skooba Design iPad / Netbook Neo-Sleeve will fit devices with dimensions up to 11”x7.5”x1.5” which is equivalent to a screen size of 10.1” as noted on their website. I was still a bit skeptical and I had to try it to convince my self this is the product I needed for my brand new, soon to be Love of my life, iPad.

Announced at Macworld in February, we shouldn’t have expected anything less from the Skooba Design Team. Having delivered great products for electronic devices in the past, Skooba used the same material used to make wetsuits and They have completely brought a unique taste to their product line with products for the Apple iPad, Netbook and Tablet computers.

This awesome iPad Neo-Sleeve features a front pocket which can be used for storing extra accessories for your iPad or Netbook. No longer do you need to fumble with your power adapter, or pens. It also features a mini USB pocket on the inside of the exterior pocket for your On-the-Go USB thumb drive.

The neoprene is not just padding to protect your iPad, but its also water resistant. This case is very form fitting, which means that the stretchy material will give your case the protection it deserves and won’t move within the sleeve. It’s padded comfort that goes around your device will simply keep your gadgets, good as new, without adding any bulk or weight.

One thing that totally got my attention was it is “Airport Friendly”, I have personally gone through several bags in the past that I had to stop using because of travel hassles. With the Skooba sleeve I don’t have to worry about that anymore. The Checkpoint Screening process is now a breeze with the Skooba Design Neo-Sleeve.

Take it on your trips, for work, school, or even at the beach, its water resistant material and it’s padded protection are here to prove that you can have fun without compromising your gadgets protection in anyway.

The Skooba Neo Sleeve is priced at an affordable $19.95 from the Skooba Design Website.  The Skooba Neo Sleeve and comes in many different colors: Charcoal / Blizzard White, Charcoal / Abyss Black, Charcoal / Deep Ocean Blue and Charcoal / Inferno Red as well as their other iPad / Netbook Products.

Use Coupon Code “CASEAHOLIC” for 20% off your purchase of $50.00 or more and you will also receive Free Shipping.

Manufacturers Website: https://www.skoobadesign.com


Caseaholic interviews JMONA a Caseaholic at heart!

Caseaholic interviews JMONA a Caseaholic at heart! JMONA is a tech / case reviewer that has quite a following of fans through her Twitter Page, YouTube Channel, Switcheasy Facebook Fan Page and her sub-category forum on Howard Forums, dedicated to iPhone accessories.

JMONA, the AKA name she is known by all of her fans, was not always a Caseaholic. We asked JMONA what lead her to be one.

” I have always been into gadgets. Unfortunately, not many of them I owned had options to be customized. I went from a Windows Mobile phone, that I loved dearly, to a Apple iPhone 3G in 2008.”

“After purchasing my Apple iPhone, I started looking for ways to customize my new iPhone 3G. As I was in search for options or ways to customize my iPhone, I found myself overwhelmed and confused with all the variables available, between all the different types of cases, skins, screen protectors, audio attachments and so on.”

“During the course of my search, I came across forum boards. There were not to many discussions and/or answer that I could find. So I decided to create a sub-category forum, dedicated to accessories for the iPhone. This is when my passion emerged within me for finding the right case for me and others.”

“I started buying almost every case I could get my hands on. Then sharing my opinion about the cases I purchased, on my forum board that I created, for others to view. To my surprise, I wasn’t the only one who was struggling, like me, trying to find information about cool products for the iPhone. More and more people started coming to my board in search of information and sharing their experiences and/or reviews with the entire board. The board currently has over 65,000 views and loaded with information, contributed by all the wonderful members and myself.”

How many cases do you own in your collection?

“I have purchased approximately over 100 cases. Many of the cases I purchased had a purpose. For example, I have purchased a cases to match my clothes. Different cases for certain

JMONA's Case Collection Case-Aholic

modes that I am in. I have cases for special occasions. And I have cases that offer different form of protection depending on the activity I am doing.”

How much money would you say you’ve invested in your case collection?

“I have probably spent over $1,200 in the past two years, may be more.

Any last words?

” Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I am very happy I have found a website dedicated to my needs and my official addiction….. If you are a Caseaholic like I am, you are in the right place.”


Ed Hardy Icing Tattoo Case for Verizon Motorola Droid A855

Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid A855 owners rejoice, Ed Hardy Icing has just released their snap tattoo design cases. The tattoo designs are the same ones used throughout their other models, Love Kills Slowly, Eternal Love, Ghost, King Dog, and Tiger.

The Ed Hardy ICING Tattoo snap cases are uniquely made with intense design and vibrant colors. These Don Ed hardy ICING cases by Christian Audigier, are not painted cases. They have a rubberized texture coating on them and that is what makes these unique. It is amazing how they developed the process to make these cases with a rubberized soft tough and still have the amazing color and graphics. Because of the material used, it helps prevents minor scratches from being visible and provides extra grip while in your hand to prevent from those accidental slips out of your hand.

The Ed Hardy ICING cases easily snaps on to the back of your Motorola Droid A855, and provides all the appropriate cutouts for your speaker, camera, charger port, and access to your side buttons. This is a one piece snap case that will cover the back and sides only. It does not have a separate piece for the front. Each of these Ed Hardy Motorola Droid cases includes, 1 LCD Screen protector / guard.


Case-Mate Hybrid Tough Cases for iPhone, Blackberry & Google Nexus One

Protecting your Apple iPhone 3G 3Gs, BlackBerry or Google Nexus One with the right case is sometimes difficult to do.

Case-Mate has released a new case called the Hybrid Tough. It is made for the Apple iPhone 3G 3Gs, BlackBerry and Google Nexus One smart phones. It is a dual layer case that uses a form fitting layer of silicone that wraps your iPhone, Blackberry, or Google Nexus One and has an outer shell made out of a tough ABS plastic. The dual layer concept provides and meets many consumer needs for protection, style and functionality.

There are so many cases on the market to choose from. There are quite a few dual layer cases available by many different manufactures, such as Incipio Silicrylic, OtterBox Defender, OtterBox Commuter and Speck CandyShell (iPhone only). They all have advantages and disadvantages. But, how do you know which case will meet your needs. Depending on the type of Smart Phone you have, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, or Google Nexus One, finding the right case that provides adequate protection can something be a daunting task. Maybe this Case-Mate Hybrid case will do it for you.

I have been testing the Black/Gray Hybrid case on my iPhone for the last couple of weeks. I have used many other cases, Speck Candyshell, OtterBox defender / Commuter, and the Incipio Silicrylic to compare it with. Out of all of them, I would pick this case as my favorite. Here’s Why?

First Impressions:

When I first opened the package and took the case out, holding it in my hand, I was surprised as to how light the case was. Especially compared to other manufactures dual layer cases. I was especially impressed with the tough ABS plastic outer shell. It has a soft, non sticky, rubberized matte feel to it and does not feel flimsy or cheap. I immediately put the scratch test to the outer shell with my keys. I gave it a couple of back and forth with the tip of my key on the back of the outer shell, and guess what, NO

SCRATCHES! You could not do that with a Speck Candyshell. The coating case-mate uses, along with its textured diamond plate feel on their Hybrid case is very good. The outer shell can and will take some abuse.

As for the silicone that is used with the case, it felt very similar to other cases on the market. The silicone portion that is not covered by the outer shell, the top, bottom and the front face edges, is thick enough to provide protection, but not to the point were it looks bulky. The silicone  portion that is covered by the outer shell, is slightly thinner, to accommodate the thickness of the outer shell, but yet designed to provide shock protection.


I removed my previous case from my iPhone 3Gs and installed the silicone layer. When putting the silicone on my iPhone, I did not feel like I was going to tear it at any point. It was very simple to put on. Putting on the outer shell took my a few seconds to figure out the correct way. When putting on the outer shell, you will want to start with the button side first, left side, front LCD screen is facing you, and then snap in the other side over the silicone. Once I had the outer shell on, I just had to message the silicone on the bottom corners to align it correctly with the outer shell. The camera and speaker hole lined up perfectly. The top power/sleep and the side rocker buttons works great without any difficulties. All in all, it took me no more that a couple of minutes to install my new case.

Putting it to the test:

Having this Hybrid on my iPhone for the past week, it has kept me at ease and with no fear. I have purposely dropped my iPhone, to replicate possible scenarios, from restaurant tables, out of my pocket, getting out of my 4×4 truck, and holding it up to my chest and letting it drop to the floor to see what damage, if any, would be caused to my iPhone and the case. Happy to report, that no damage occurred to my iPhone, and surprisingly, the case still looks like it did when I removed it

from the retail packaging.

The exposed silicone has held up quite well from the abuse of the constant in and out of my pocket. Like most silicone cases, carrying it in your pocket, the lint will adhere to it. luckily this case does not have very much silicone exposed. This is one benefit of this case compared to other manufactures.

The top power/sleep and rocker buttons work without any hiccups. It was always easy to push. I never experienced a time were I felt like I had to apply to much pressure for it to activate its functions.

The speaker hole diameter cutout, did not accommodate all my 3.5 mm plugs. If you have plugs/jacks lager than the Apple headphone diameter, you will run in to some issues. If your plug is slightly larger, you will be able to stretch the diameter opening to fit your plug, as this is what I had to do to make it work with one of my 3.5 mm cord.

One of the features on the case I really liked is the silicone that goes around the face of the iPhone. It is not so thick that it moves constantly. And with the outer shell applying pressure to the sides of the silicone, it keeps it in place. This gave me the confidence of being able to lay my iPhone, face down pretty much anywhere. Especially in my little box compartment in my dashboard on my truck.

The bottom portions of the case, where the 30 pin port and speakers are, is covered with silicone. There is ample protection there. There is three cutouts, below for the charger port, and speakers. the rest of the bottom is covered with silicone. You will not be able to use this case, on a dock port, or the Apple iPhone charger dock. I was not able to test the Blackberry model, so I can not provide information on that. If you like to keep your phone in a vehicle cup holder, you do not have to worry about the bottom of the iPhone getting damaged with the case.

The outer shell surprisingly exceeded my expectations as to the feel and wear and tear. During my week trial period with the Hybrid case, it never became tacky or sticky at any point in time. It also never lost its soft rubberized matte grip feel either. You do not have to worry about the coating on the outer shell to peel off on this case, Case-Mate was able, in my opinion, to produce that happy medium between a smooth non-slip feel and the rubberized coating.


Case-Mate did this dual layer hybrid case right. With the added screen protector that comes with it, you will not go wrong with this case. Depending on the color you select, I prefer black/gray, it can be used everyday, whether wearing professional attire or sweatpants and T-Shirt, this product will and should work for you.