We are always excited to hear about other caseaholics out in the wild. If you are a caseaholic, and you want to be public about it, we want you to tell us your story so we can share it with others here on Your story can help others with their case addiction.

Case addictions has no boundaries and it can affect anyone. You may be a caseaholic and don’t even know it. It usually starts with one case, cover, skin, or fashion accessory for your phone or gadget. Then you decide to get another one for one reason or another. Before you know it, you have collected a half-a-dozen or so cases, covers, skins or some other fashion accessory. You are still not truly satisfied with your newly acquired collection. You continue on your journey with another purchase here and there. Within no time you may have upwards of XXX number of cases in your collection. You are very proud of it. You may show them off to your friends. Swap a new case everyday to match your wardrobe, or depending on your mood. Or perhaps you have a case you use for work and then through on the after hours case when you leave work. There is just so many reason. 😯

We have created three categories that caseaholic’s usually fit in too. Some may fit in all three, two, or just one. The categories are:



This category is usually for those who enjoy expressing themselves through their case or accessory. It can be a way to enhance your wardrobe look. The mood you’re in. A statement you wan to make, positive or negative. Show off your financial status.


This is a general category. Someone who really doesn’t have a specific reason, or too many reasons for their addiction. They just like to accumulate.


This category we believe is the origin where many become caseaholics. It starts off innocent. We just want a case to protect our new device. “It was expensive, I need to protect it!” That first case is purchased. Before we know it, for one reason or another, it no longer meets our needs, and we are chasing down a new case. We want better protection. Less protection. Hybrid protection. There is so much protection, we just are never really able to find the perfect protection. Frantically searching online for reviews, forum boards, countless hours watching YouTube videos case reviews. Try this, try that, and before you know it, or maybe not, you are a caseaholic with a cabinet drawer full of cases. Well, that is how is started for me!

Your story is important. Others out there need to know they are not alone. There are many of us, proud to be recognized as CASEAHOLIC’s. Use the contact form below to tell us briefly about yourself and we will get back to you.